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ChrisC: I feel (often) that we are being punked by Iraq in a way. Alak is in the center of the picture in World Islamic Bank meetings, Iraq has a Arab Banking Inclusion Day, Iraq makes a deal with Visa International, etc, etc.. 

They give every evidence that they are functioning in an international way, yet, they are not. Not as far as we are concerned at least. If they had any pride in their nation at all (which they seem to) I would think it would be unbelievably hard to stand in front of all those very male dominated, machismo driven type of countries that are their neighbors. 

It would be like going to a biker rally on your bicycle with fringe on the handle bars and a banana seat with a peace sticker on it, and you are dressed in pink. 

Me thinks something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I mean Iraq.

Seeing Past Our Differences To Find Our Common Bond
By Guy Finley
From Our Archives - 06/03/2012

I live to see the day that more people awaken to this truth -- I live in hope that religions for one will understand that spirituality is different and you can live with or as one and not the other --

I live in hope that more people will live from a heart full of love -- I live in hope that more are awakened and enlightened so they are living without anger, fear, greed, hate, judgments, and racism –

This is one of the very best well stated and easy to understand articles that addresses the subject of “differences” - I hope that you will read and contemplate all that is expressed --

"We Are On Track And Forever Blessed"

5.3.18 After seeking confirmed information, I am lead to the optimistic assumption that we are just moments away in receiving the 800 number that will relieve our world from economic stress and crashes.

​I for one know who I am and where I come from, how humble a man and how helpful a friend in me and I urge all to sort out what makes you great as an individual in God. Do right by your family and do right by the people of your nation country.

​My hopes with this RV and GCR is that poverty and hunger will seize to exist and that all persons no matter from what nation or religion can be at peace knowing that God's children came forth and lended a helping hand. Pay it forward everyone and you make sure that you inspire and let the people you help know that they are to do exactly the same to someone else in need when they get back on their feet. Place God's 10% in a trust and let it mature to gain interest and once that interest is returned to you, then and only then will you start to help the needy. 

OMTimes Magazine  By Yael Elohim.

Rise Above the Tension of Money

The Tension of Money: Each of us has a different relationship with money. Some have plenty, others struggle, others find it hard to receive, have a hard time giving or live in fear there is not enough.

Money, however, is just energy. One of its important aptitudes is that it flows freely. Our existence adversely depends on a financial system that makes a profit by controlling the free movement of money. It functions on shortcoming and gains from the flow of money via debts, interest, and investments.


Hoosiergirl:  Welllll... I've been thinking of all the things we are reading, studying and the older articles, etc. Something tells me this whole RI has been happening in a BIG way for quite a while - a year OR more. Soooo we see some of these "strange" numbers. 
If the citizens (per WS's one comment yesterday) have been in training and teaching mode for a couple of years, then this PROCESS has been much further along for a long time than we have been privy to know about. ALL IN MY OPINION IMO!!!!! 

Walkingstick: Yep... certainly has....

Hazen: Things have been happening for a long long can this process keep going? Don't these credit cards (visa/mastercards) need to be activated???