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Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Friday Night 4-12-17


Doodlebug:  So family, this is what I have been chewing on today... the RV of the Iraqi currency is going to be marked in history as a pretty important day. Yes, in our lives because of obvious reasons, but it will represent so much more for Iraq in the present day and for generations to come. 

Sure, it can happen in the still of the night... but here is what I am chewing on.
This will be a proud moment for the citizens and Abadi  Do you think that they would want to dedicate a day to this important event?  If the answer is no and the still of the night just happens and they cruise into the next without any fan fare, then okay. I get that.  But it just doesn't sit well with me. (Can someone please call Abadi and tell him that? LOL)
If the answer is yes, then when would be a good day for this? Would it be a National Holiday? Would it be like a "take your child to work day" kind of holiday?

Dinar Updates Friday Early Chat   5-12-17  Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

reynoldse2 says():I know we've always had a great debate about the rate, but I belong to the school of thought that suggests it will be very high, solely because of fractional banking
Okie Dinar says():(y) :)
Okie Dinar says():I hope you are right :)
reynoldse2 says():but Okie, let's not be greedy. $1 is fine too. I only have a few million IQD (Only lol) so I won't be super wealthy, but I'll have enough to solve 99% of my problems
Okie Dinar says():lol
reynoldse2 says():"I've been poor and depressedd, and I've been rich and depressed. Rich is better." - Burt Reynolds

Dinar Updates Friday Early Chat   5-12-17  Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

ol lar says():I have to goto work but when I get off I have to explain to Clay and Elilali why I brought in a tv news clip from 2014.
I t was from the President of the Rafidian or Rasheed bank explaining that they could nod not activated the ATM's without Removing the zeros from the currency, I knew it was old but if it was technically reletive then , then it remains so now, the connection was to yesterdays article about CBI wanting to start activaing all the ATM's in postoffices and many other places.

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Pre and Post RV- Tips and Suggestions

Reposted for our newest readers: 
Pre & Post RV Wise "Considerations" & Plans - Post By Cabo  

Things to Consider or help round out your Final Plans

I posted this last year, and I just wanted to bring it forward again for people whom may have not seen this. For those that did, please bear with me..

Things to consider with your new found wealth. Some items you will use, others may not be for you. Do what you feel comfortable with, as I am just trying to help you round out your plan… 

1) Do your due diligence, Choose your bank (s) carefully, and set up CDARS (Certificates of Deposit Account Registry Service) accounts and all accounts should be POD (Paid on Death) accounts.

News, Rumors and Humor Friday Night 5-12-17


Frank26: What do we need next? ......... Tell those that need to catch up. i am silent until the media catches up with our TEAMS.

Cole:  Imo, they won't catch up till the RV!!!!!  HAHAHAHA.... what do we do next? I'm sure this is above my pay grade... but uhhh, we wait for a moooooos'l announcement from PM Abadi. What do you think Frankie? (Edit: or you can just watch the cbi spreadsheet and watch the value of the dollor diminish against the powerful up and coming Dinar) lol

MilitiaMan:  Yes it is a very telling episode when the currency moves in our favor and when especially, when we see openly in public, a 1% move in strength to the US Dollar. Frank26 has been teachig this same thing over and over lately.. Ta Da Frank. imo ~ MM 
Frank26:  In this case i prefer to say ........ TA DA FREAKEN DA or TA DA FRANKEN DA

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