May 5th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday  5-5-18  

dinard   5-4-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...I didn't say years in the sense that it won't happen for years. I said it could take years to increase but I fully believe it'll start this year.

[reference Guru Kaperoni post 5-4-2018] I must have said this at least a thousand times there is no overnight RV or are RI. When the Central Bank of Iraq moves to Article VIII to make the dinar internationally convertible and exchangeable and tradable worldwide they will have to leave the Peg and move to a float.

How fast the dinar rises is directly related to the investment that comes into Iraq and its capital account. There is no way to know how fast it will rise until it actually happens and we see what investors do.

SO WHAT’S NEXT By Truthseeker 5/5/18

It's been weeks since my last post, and all I can say is “take a deep breath”! The one thing that seems to never change with the RV/GCR is the weekly expectant window that comes and goes like a fast moving storm. I’ve been saying this for a long time but it just makes no sense for the NPTB to provide any sort of “heads up” just prior to pulling the RV/GCR trigger.

Think about this for one moment, there are over 30 million investors (probably way more than that) and I would guess at least 50% of them are tracking the progress this event daily. If the NPTB were to allow information to leak out there would me a minimum of 15 million people (in the U.S. alone) ready to pounce at any given moment. I just don’t see that happening.

Heck, there weren’t a lot people invested in the Kuwaiti dinar and they went as far as publishing a full page newspaper ad/article stating it wouldn’t revalue for a very long time, then the next day they released it. My point is, I wouldn’t expect the RV/GCR to occur when the Intel providers are all expectant, it just doesn’t make sense.


Samson: US oil prices rise to their highest level since November 2014

08:05 - 05/05/2018  

Oil prices rose nearly 2 percent and US crude hit its highest level in more than three years.
Reuters quoted traders as saying the oil market had received support with a deadline approaching May 12.

The rise in oil prices came on the back of the survival of global supplies of crude constrained and the market waiting for news from Washington on a further escalation in the Middle East.

Global Brent crude <LCOc1> rose $ 1.25, or 1.70 percent, to settle at $ 74.87 a barrel, ending the week up 0.4 percent.

US benchmark WTI futures rose $ 1.29, or 1.89 percent, to close at $ 69.72 a barrel after reaching earlier at $ 69.97, the highest level since November 2014. US crude ended the week with gains of just over 1.5 percent.