April 17th 6pm

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Notes From The Field By Simon Black
April 16, 2018  Santiago, Chile

There Is No ‘Patriotic Duty’ To Pay More Tax
In 1873 during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, the government abolished its income tax.

Aside from a single episode in 1894, there would be no income tax in the United States of America for nearly 40 years.

It was during this period that the United States emerged as the largest, most powerful economy in the world.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  4-17-18  

chattels: A slight rise in the dollar exchange rate against the dinar on the Iraqi Stock Exchange 16/04/2018 Economic development Submit A slight rise in the dollar exchange rate against the dinar on the Iraqi Stock Exchange 16/04/2018 11:43 BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) posted a slight rise against the dinar on the Iraqi bourses on Monday.

The price of selling the dollar in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad today was 120 thousand and 500 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 450 dinars compared to 100 dollars, while yesterday recorded 120 thousand and 350 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 300 dinars to 100 dollars.



Gateway: Hi everyone, I just got an update from my Chinese contact. 
President Trump is doing fine! They are making some final adjustments !
Expect everything finished in the next 6-24 hours! We shall see!

GodBlessTony: I'm in..thanks. President says China is devaluing it's currency. The "media" says President is dazed and confused for saying that..just look they say. But, me thinks President knows from where he speaks.  Yesterday China announces 7.9% growth 1st quarter '18..and my sources say most of that is driven by creating more Yuan and building, building and more to keep the people working. So, inflating the money supply is what causes currencies to loose value. The dollar folks are doing the same.


A Few Highlights from Mondays Call: (Please listen to full call for all the news and details)

Frank26: In an Article-Alak, the governor of the CBI came out and said publicly, “We Are Ready”.

As of today, campaigning for their election started...Elections are on May 12th. 

IMO Everything regarding the Monetary Reform has to be done way before the election. 

IMO This is the month for them to do this. 

IMO We are only waiting now for the CBI to release the rate. 

IMO If they remove the 3 Zero’s, the rate would be at least 1.2 dinars to the dollar. 

We are hearing that their ATM’s are loaded with New Lower Denomination Notes. 

IMO The ATM’s open for business and the rate change will happen more or less about the same time.