April 25th 6pm

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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

A 5.9 Earthquake was reported in Iran. No intel on this matter at the moment. There's an 80% chance it was a natural event.

No new intel regarding the RV has surfaced this past week due to everything being ready and completed. The only thing that needs to occur is the main transfer of trust funds and gold to support the RV release.

The main transfer is scheduled to begin by the end of this month (the date cannot be disclosed due to the sensitivity of the situation).

The RV release is considered an Alliance military operation. Military operations are kept secret for security purposes until after completion.

All information leaked down to this level does not threaten the security of the operation.

Source: Operation Disclosure - http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2018/04/rvintelligence-alert-military-operation.html


Giant: Family, please do not overlook this article, ( see article below) for if you have been paying attention to the past few studies you will know that a week is 7 days...(even for Iraq) And if the FINANCIAL INCLUSION WEEK begins today which is Wednesday, then the end of FINANCIAL INCLUSION WEEK should be Tuesday, May 1st. Now I'm not mentioning in dates or anything, but what is funny is...that the UN announces their rates on April 27th and will take affect May 1st. Just saying all in my opinion... Something's up!

StephenMac: Hi Giants,Glad to see you posting! Remember to factor in the possibility that even though the UN rates may change it may not show for Iraq because that is a 72 hour window that Speculators can jump on the bandwagon. Im looking forward to seeing no change for the Iraq Dinar until exactly as it happens, the UN can change the rates on the website anytime to bring current and imo they will do exactly that, after the fact.  Just a possibility

Emailed to Recaps:

Hi Dinar Recaps!

Thank you for keeping us informed and updated on many things going on in this world we live in especially with our investment that will soon bless so many of God's children.

I have a Bank story. I have been in Dinar investment for 7 years. For so many years, my bank, Wells Fargo has always said that the Dinar was a scam. After I heard a bank story last week on Dinar Recaps Blog about a young lady asking her Wells Fargo bank teller have they completed foreign currency training and the teller told her not yet but other employees had, I decided to contact my banker at the Wells Fargo in Texas.

I asked her have they started having foreign currency training and she said yes. They even have foreign currency bank tellers! I said what the world. I told her I would be up there to see for myself! I went in and sure enough there were foreign currency bank tellers in place.

She also explained that they are selling and buying all foreign currencies except for Dinar and Dong right now.

I am thinking why all of a sudden you are selling and buying foreign currencies and even have foreign currencies bank tellers in place, I am saying to myself...something is about to happen and go viral! Dinar land we are well on our way!


Frank26: I JUST ASKED THIS IN TEAM CHAT ................ KONA ... ARE YOU COLD ? .......(SAY YES) 

THEN GO TO A CORNER ......... IT'S 90 DEGREES THERE ......... ROFL    

SJosh: They're backed in a corner and the HEAT IS ON!!!





Succeed. DONE. NOW!!!

The 'RI button' is a HOT HOT HOT potato, and the CBI's juggling it and about to toss it to the international hands of the world!!!