February 26th 6pm

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Notes From The Field By Simon Black
February 26, 2018 Santiago, Chile
Warren Buffett Isn’t Buying. Why Should Anyone Else?

Over the weekend on Saturday morning, amid its usual fanfare and attention, Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway released its annual report to the public.

This is a pretty big deal each year. Investors and financial reporters typically wait with baited breath to hear what the Oracle himself has to say in his legendary annual letter.

Buffett’s topics in previous letters have covered a lot of ground-- the state of the US economy, value investing education, why Wall Street is so deeply flawed, commentary on financial markets, etc.


Frank26:  Central Iraqi sales of foreign currency rise 70 thousand dollars

25th February, 2018

Central Bank of Iraq sales of foreign currency, during the auction on Sunday, to 155.25 million dollars, compared to 155.18 million dollars Thursday auction , an increase of 70 thousand dollars, according to a statement by the bank.

The central bank said in a statement that the exchange rate was 1190 dinars per dollar, in the auction held with the participation of 39 banks, and 7 companies for financial transfer.

The bank said the sales were the result of the auction scheduled for Monday, explaining that the total sales for the day amounted to about 194.25 million dollars.    LINK


Airam: DELTA: FRANKIE................... MEMO WAS SEND ON 02/18 TO BANKS REGARDING 02/25!!!

Pygmy577: Ariam Iraq is waiting for the US to tell them to make it public they have been done for weeks in country ,,,we are wating for the US to say banks are ready ,,,.imo from all been told and listening .

Fullsail: banks take instructions from higher ups.... banks are not top of ladder, they have to answer to those who govern. imo.

1Azure: knowing Iraq they are going to push it out more like they always do they make too much money on hand outs and skimming of the loans...

FullSail: I believe iraq will make more $ with RV than without, increased stability will attract increased investors. Iraq needs their RV recognized internationally, their peoples need it. At this point, logistics of successful process will ensure

RVAlready: Hopefully, the excuses will end and the exchanges will happen this week! I think everyone is ready to go to the bank. GO RV!


Walkingstick:  ftti.....Memos, were received... by.. diff entities , for ... diff time slots/ allotted dates.... for reason/s  

Manaolona3: Refer to Mon CC in which Walkingstick explained at length the metamorphosis of the currency auction suspension and the process to transition over.
CBI suspended currency auction to enable them to complete conversion from "old" to "new" system

CBI sent formal notification (memo) to all financial institutions (entities) i.e., banks, money transfer companies, exchange companies about change banks, transfer companies, currency exchange companies must fully integrate their systems in accordance with and in compliance with new CBI systems requirements