January 31st 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 1-31-18 Part 2 of 2 

PhantomWolf: The this year’s common quadrivalent flu shot contains the following ingredients: Flu Strain A/(Michigan) (H1N1) Flu Strain A/(Hong Kong) (H3N2) Flu Strain B/(Brisbane) Flu Strain B/(Phuket) Formaldehyde Aluminum Salts Gelatin Thimerosal Chicken Egg Proteins Antibiotics

PhantomWolf: looks like they injecting poison to me

PhantomWolf: https://www.passporthealthusa.com/2016/10/what-ingredients-are-in-the-flu-shot/

Spectra: Formaldehyde Aluminum gotta love that Formaldehyde Aluminum gotta love that

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 1-31-18 Part 1 of 2 

Baxter: www.mawazin.net Al-Alusi: Donor countries will not pay one dirham to a corrupt government Political Since 2018-01-30 at 14:01 (Baghdad time) Special Mawazine News Parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi said on Tuesday that donor countries would not pay one dirham to a government accused of corruption.

"The donor countries can not be assured of their support at the donor conference to be held in Kuwait next month," Alusi told Mawazine News.

"Those countries will not give Iraq a single dirham, because the government and the conservatives are accused of corruption," he said. "The states have informed the Iraqi government and politicians (we will not give you money because you are not trustworthy)," Alusi said.

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 31, 2018

Sources have received reports that the RV release window is still open.

The Alliance decided to end negotiations with the Cabal some time mid-last year.

Thousands of Cabal assets have been destroyed since then.

The Cabal are now depleted of their assets, very few may or may not remain.

Trump's SOTU was a significant pivotal point for the transition event.

The Alliance's main objective is to make the world safer and safer as much as possible before beginning the transition event.

Those with the eye to see would have noticed how much safer the world has become over the past few months.

Once the Alliance deems it is safe enough to proceed with the transition event -- the RV will be released.

Operation Disclosure

Emailed to Recaps:

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:59 PM EST on January 29, 2018

Sorry, I can't use my name this time. In the third week of November I got a chance to go into the Trade Program with some of my Zim. I thought what the heck did I have to loose. We were suppose to be in Trade in two weeks. Two weeks came and went.

The Trade always shuts down second week of December till third week in January. Traders go to meetings the first week of January for updates on new regulations. I wasn't to surprise that the Trade hadn't gone yet.

Today, I heard from the Trade Broker that what we've been waiting for to start the Trade was linked to the RV. The Trade Platform, trading on the Zim couldn't go until the RV goes with the Zim.Yesterday the Treasury signed off on the RV and the Trades.

The Humanitarian Pay Masters were told to get ready for the release of funds. They have been redeeming some special bank customers. They too said everything will start after Trump's speech. (I was told the RV will post about midnight tonight)

I was very encouraged for the first time in months. All our hopes and dreams are about to happen.


Stand4Christ: In Trump's SOTU speech, did anyone catch Trump saying something about starting "next month", due to tax reform, many Americans will take home more money ??

That also means, more spending and more money will suddenly circulate in the market due to, according to his public statement, the effect of the tax reform.

When is "next month", family??? It's February 2018; which Trump has said it for the first time at the DAVOS' Q&A section last Friday.

All signs point to some sudden big movement of money is about to hit America starting in the month of February 2018, but especially at the beginning of February 2018 !!

Remember, like the Joker said, "It's All Part of the Plan"!!