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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night  3-18-18  Part 2 of 2

Spectra: @wuzup still wonder why they allowed it sold to just anyone,without it being international.

wuzup: bush jr knew what he was doing when he went into Iraq. Iraq could change the entire world economy with its natural resources.

Spectra: @wuzup i am not a fan of War.............they lost 150,000 children to this commodities in the world are worth this.

wuzup: I totally agree.

Spectra: @wuzup yeh' its sad.

wuzup: very sad

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night  3-18-18  Part 1 of 2

wuzup: if bitcoin can be worth $7400 to 1USD. why cant a countries currency with the second largest natural resources in the world be worth 10cents?

Spectra: @wuzup good question ..something is rotton in IRAQ

Tebow: @wuzupbitcoi is not $7400 to 1USD. it's $7400 to 1 bitcoin.

wuzup: ive been in this thing a long time. it may or may not happen but it was definitely worth a shot

Zig: Speculative

Note: You may wish to make a copy of this to ask about at your exchange apt. Not all may fit your personal situation...



1. No fees ever for foreign currency exchanges

2. Provide a Private Banker/Wealth Manager at the time of exchange to initially park the funds in an overnight high yield interest rate account that will yield a minimum of 1% per month.    

3. Family Office & Philanthropic Investment Management Services

4. Perks can be based on (Assets Under Management) AUM in a tier grid

5. Discounts on AUM fees

6. No fees ever - no fee to all domestic/foreign deposit/wire transfer money

By Crystal Presence

12 Ways To Embrace Anger As A Path To Peace

In our emotion-charged world, it can be difficult not to succumb to anger.

Anger is rising as we make an enormous shift in human consciousness. If we look outside of ourselves to find the resolution, we feel angry that we are not able to control how others think, feel and behave. 

​If we try to hold back the anger we create an internal war within ourselves. It is easy to forget that anger is an ally that alerts us to when we need to make a change, a change that can lead us to a path of peace.


Walkingstick:  Disruption of official hours in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Sunday that it would suspend official work in the region for three days starting from Tuesday on the occasion of the Norouz holidays. 

Government spokesman Sven Dezi said in a press statement: "It is hoped that« this holiday is a step for stability and prosperity and overcome the problems and crises ». 

He added that «this occasion will disrupt the official working hours in all government institutions», explaining that «the holiday will begin on Tuesday 20 March and also include 21 and 22 of March, and will begin the official working on 25  

March 2018». 

Many of the Middle Eastern people celebrate Norouz, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Chermtg: Thank you WS this excites me. A NEW DAY IS A COMING....


Samson:  Determines the holiday of Noruz and the date of resumption of official office

18th March, 2018

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Sunday, the official holidays in the regions and institutions of the region on the occasion of the Norouz holidays.

The government spokesman Svein Dzei said in a statement to the twilight news that the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to consider the holidays of Norouz holidays for the period from next Tuesday, corresponding to the twentieth of March to the twenty-third of it.

Dzii said the provincial government had set a date for the resumption of official working hours on March 25.    LINK