November 4th 11am

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Samson:  Trump begins the longest Asian tour of an American president in more than 25 years

 4th November, 2017 
President left Donald Trump , the US capital Washington , heading to Asia tour lasts about two weeks. 

According to the channel "Free", the US presidential plane took off from Andrews military base in Maryland on the morning to Hawaii, Trump moves to Japan , South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

This presidential tour in Asia, which runs until November 13, is the longest since President George HW Bush took place in late 1991.   LINK

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Friday Night 11-03-17  Part 2 of 2

chattels: " sandyf I...try and keep an eye on the more plausible indicators. For the last 4 years at this time of year there has always been a fairly significant appreciation of the dinar on forex. 

This was particularly noticeable in 2015 when the rate went to 1085, then suddenly after new year back down to 1175. In 2016 the appreciation was a bit later and short lived, came to an abrupt end late November, wonder why? "

chattels: 10 " pips " is significant ?

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Friday Night 11-03-17  Part 1 of 2

xyz: The Greatest Fear Today: The Lack of Fear

Market crashes often happen not when everyone is worried about them, but when no one is worried about them. Complacency and overconfidence are good leading indicators of an overvalued market set for a correction or worse. Prominent magazine covers are notorious for declaring a boundless bull market right at the top just before a crash or correction.

Doug_W: really quiet in here today

xyz: @Doug_W how so?
xyz: @Doug_W Silence Is Golden


Rose777: .. I have a good friend in New Orleans who called me just a while ago and told me she has a close friend high in the gov't who told her this afternoon that Hong Kong started exchanging today, and that "he" received his $$$ on his exchange today.

He told her he couldn't disclose any figures, so he probably got the contract rate.

So my thoughts are that if this is indeed true, we should be able to exchange by sometime next week. Praying this is so.

Readitnow: rose, it goes right along with other things we're hearing

Rose777: Readtnow,I thought the same thing.


Aggiedad77: Thank you for this WS...(See article below) ...we all know how the ME media can be.....well confusing at best it seems......there are a couple of worthwhile points from this small but important article......

Notice this is the "COM".....that be the Council of Ministers....that is basically Abadi's Cabinet if you will who are voting on the 2018 budget IMO.......they are telling you that whatever you've seen or heard from members of the Parliament are....inaccurate and untrue......someone who is trying to gain their 15 minutes of media fame IMO......

Don't be surprised tho if this whisks through Parliament in a record pattern for least that is what I pray for.....I'm thinking that least IMO.....the leadership of the COM which comprises most of the major parties represented in Parliament may have their respective groups onboard with what this budget will entail once it is received by Parliament in its "final" format......

With this coming from WS it bears careful consideration IMO.   Aloha    Randy