June 5th 6pm

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PD News Excerpts & Highlights Monday AM  6-5-17
Post From Peoples Dinar
PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights Monday AM   6-5-17
Forest:    Leadership of the private sector

05/06/2017 12:00   Hamid penal    Sure,  Iraq will be in the next phase of an effective member of the international community through its role in the fight against terrorism  and the victory over the dark forces and  activate the role of Iraq in the next few era in the Arab League   (Economic Unity Council) and intra-OIC trade, 

​as well as its effective role with the United Nations, international organizations including the World Bank for Development & Construction and the international Monetary Fund and the World trade Organization.
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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Monday AM Chat   6-5-17   
forestnr4 says():Specialists laud procedures of the Central Bank on participation in the auction currency banks
14:17 - 06/04/2017   Praised the specialists in the banking sector, Sunday, recent central bank actions on the classification of participation in the sale of foreign currency, which were in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank window banks.
The source said the central bank's / information /, "The Central Bank of banks rated participation in the foreign currency sale issued last week window came in accordance with the instructions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in order to control the window," noting that "the global financial institutions praised the central bank procedures and tightened the need not retreat. "



Frank26:  Me too..............(grin) . 

Tell You what ............ i dare anyone ........... No NO ........... i double dare .......... NO WAIT ......... Since i like things in THREES .............. i triple dare anyone to miss our MONDAY CC tonight !!! ............ 

Like a Spinal Cord ............. Many things will Snap together tonight.

Have also asked DELTA to make a recording with me to play tonight as we did on last M CC.
We are in the Heart of 2nd to the 9th.

Wish to SHARE a Heart Rate of Excitement ............ C U on Your CC at  7 est.

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​June 5, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.     
Remember June 10th is this coming Saturday....

The Joint Operations Command announced  the imminent announcement of what it called the "Iraqi Victory Week " after the liberation of the entire city of Mosul from the grip of the "Daash" organization. This comes at a time when the forces of the Iraqi popular crowd liberated the area of  ​​ Baaj from the organization "Daash" near the Syrian border.  (Remember Abadi publicly announced he wanted June 10th to be a national holiday called “Liberation Day”. This is noted as the same day ISIS began its movement in Iraq in June of 2014. Will they be able to meet this target?)
The Central Bank of Iraq came out in 2013 and said that more  SECURITY  and  STABILITY  are needed to continue with the project to delete the zeros. WE know that this project will ultimately lead to a significant increase in the value of the dinar.


Blinkster:  Sounds pretty DEFINITIVE to me! What do you guys think?

MilitiaMan:  Now that is impressive! Oh man.. I was looking for this to be a true article.. Credit where due!! Look at that.. All of those Home Boyz, Together in UNITY!! Praying Together! God Bless them all. Rock On KTFA!~ ~ MM
Don961:  Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi: Iraqis united in the fight against terrorism and succeeded

4 of June 2017

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi said that the Iraqis are united in the fight against terrorism , and they succeeded, and we hope that our unity will continue to maintain what has been achieved, and walk for the good of the country and citizens.
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