November 25th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 11-25-17 
chattels: Iraq borrowed 500 million euros from a German bank for electricity
chattels: How good can things be in Iraq if they have to borrow money to pay their electricity bill ?
foxmulder: @chattels GM ! things are not good apparently
spanki: soo true chattels-- think they would reval anytime
chattels: @foxmulder Joel Wing‏ @JoelWing2 19h19 hours ago Iraq forces say IS retreating deep into desert … via @timesofisrael


MilitiaMan: This is telling me they are on schedule and the opening ceremony is telling the world we are now officially Global. Thus, fully Article 8 compliant, last remaining issue in regard to Chapter 7 "sanction free" (currency) and fully liberated with security and stability.

The Iraq Trade Bank is an extension of the CBI.. Keep in mind today was the start of the celebrations in Iraq and apparently they got started 10:00 am Iraq time.

We see this afternoon articles out showing all borders are secure through the western region of the country.. banks re align tonight.. powerful timing folks!!! - MM

Trade Bank Of Iraq: The Iraqi Trade Bank will receive the license to open the representative office in the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market. The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 26/11/2017 at 11:00 am in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Ali Alalak and the Head of the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market Mr. Ahmed Sayegh , And other characters ...   LINK   

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 25, 2017





Operation Disclosure

5 Reasons Why Having Patience Is Hard
By Cori Savenelli
Practicing Patience is Not Easy
Reactions to being forced to have patience range from simple annoyances to down-right anger. Here are some reasons why and how overcoming the displeasure of being patient and looking at it differently can change your life.
Patience Forces Us to Be Present Without Certainty
It can be difficult enough being “in the moment” (while mindful and centering ourselves) while engaged in routine. Throwing uncertainty into the mix creates an open space in our energy for anxiety, worry and possibly depression.

How To Rise Above the Tension of Money
By OMTimes Magazine
Rise Above the Tension of Money

The Tension of Money: Each of us has a different relationship with money. Some have plenty, others struggle, others find it hard to receive, have a hard time giving or live in fear there is not enough. Money, however, is just energy. One of its important aptitudes is that it flows freely.
Our existence adversely depends on a financial system that makes a profit by controlling the free movement of money. It functions on shortcoming and gains from the flow of money via debts, interest, and investments.


Doc.K: Looks like somebody told Abadi to **S T A L L**, perhaps to hand out indictments or more ankle and wrist ornaments. When Trump dumps the last bit of Drano......

Watch the double blessing appear simutaneously with the draining of the swamp creatures over the next congress holiday...  IMO

StephenMac: We have a speculation of over 1800 indictments in the USA, the 45 Saudi Princes holed up in a hotel, Mugabe forced into "early retirement" the age of 93 and then we have Abadi with his list of corruption. Beautiful.

Another topic, what are the possibilities of Iraq celebrating Baghdad Week for four days.... and Then at the end Abadi makes his speech and they continue to celebrate a few more days? Baghdad Week is all about Baghdad. If I lived in Kirkuk I would be more celebratory of it was called Iraq Week instead of Baghdad Week. Just trying to piece this together.

The Gentle Art of Practicing Tolerance
By Judi Lynch

Tolerance Practice is one of the main ingredients needed to help grow peace inside the heart of humanity.
One definition of tolerance is the ability to tolerate the existence of beliefs and behavior which does not agree with our own. Another definition would be the ability to accept ideas and concepts with an open mind and heart.
When we are consciously practicing tolerance, we evolve our emotional, mental and spiritual vibration. Those frequencies, in turn, help all of us envision and manifest a common goal for humanity. To learn to live together with respect, honor, and understanding of our differences.

Empaths, Emotional Weight Gain, And Love Handles
By Courtney Marchesani
Empaths feel their way through their surroundings with an unparalleled intensity. In equal fashion, they feel deep unfathomable love, but at what cost? When empaths carry the emotional burdens of others, love handles develop.
Empaths and Love Handles
Empaths are the greatest advisors, priestly ones, and sages of our time. We are lucky to call them friends as they detect lies without effort. Their delicate senses are so highly attuned they put the galvanic skin response to shame. It is an empath’s gift, extraordinary sensory abilities, which make them insightful counselors, wise teachers, and intuitive lovers.


RVAlready: This is a 4 day event. From a PR perspective, you don't make your biggest announcement on day 1. That leaves people twiddling their thumbs for 3 days. Somewhere near the middle or later is best. Plus, you might want it picked up by US news - so not at 2 am.

Sunny: I 'm remembering that Tony and DC several times said Iraq wanted time, 24 hours or so to themselves to celebrate. We may not hear about this or it become public till the end of their celebration.

Gway2k: I'll give'em 72 hrs.

KajunredBull: sunny correcto and Shabibi said they wanted 72 hours to celebrate before the world became involved about 8 years ago! g8way2k smart move!

Hosackr: The question is 24 hours from when? What speech, etc. gotta have a valid start point.