January 29th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 1-29-18  Part 2 of 2 

Whitelions: Iraqi parliament votes to lift sanctions on Kurdistan region banks - TVReuters Staff 1/29/2018 ............... BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi parliament voted on Monday to lift sanctions imposed on banks in the Kurdistan region over an independence referendum, two main Iraqi TV channels reported.......

Lawmakers in Baghdad approved that sanctions be lifted after they had “fulfilled their purpose” by enforcing federal controls on the Kurdish banking industry, said a copy of the measure published by Baghdad-based al-Sumariya TV......... The government will now enact the decision........

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 1-29-18  Part 1 of 2 

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra Do YOU believe this thing will ever happen?
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra in OUR lifetime, that is

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe yes .i do ive been holding for 14 years..

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra ...or even at all
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra 9 myself
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra but I've been getting a little more discouraged lately than ever before

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe My husband was told to invest when he was in Iraq.

JoeSchmoe: by whom

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe 2004   Big military brass.

​​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
January 29, 2018  Tokyo, Planet Japan

​Message From Planet Japan: The Good Times Never Last Forever

After having traveled to more than 120 countries in my life, the only person I know who’s been to more places than I have is Jim Rogers.

Jim is a legend-- a phenomenal investor, author, and all-around great guy.

(His book Adventure Capitalist is a must-read, chronicling his multi-year driving voyage across the world.)

Some time ago while we were having drinks, Jim remarked that he occasionally tells people, “If you can only travel to one foreign country in your life, go to India.”

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 29, 2018

The recent flu outbreak was a last resort Cabal attack to disrupt transition progress.

The Cabal had suspended the flu into the chemtrail formula of only a few aircraft due to their limited resources.

These aircraft had flight paths over the East Coast.

Chemtrail systems were installed in commercial aircraft worldwide. They simply cannot be removed without causing massive disruption in travel services.

The removal of chemtrails is planned Post-GESARA.

The flu outbreak is currently being contained but unfortunately resulted in collateral damage.

Private humanitarian groups have been informed to prepare for the RV exchanges early this week.

Trump is looking for a "reset" with his State of the Union address tomorrow, January 30.

RV release window is 11:58 PM Tuesday night or 12:01 AM Wednesday morning.

Operation Disclosure


Samson: Bank Statement

January 29, 2018

To / money transfer companies all / financial investment companies
all / electronic payment companies all / companies to broker the sale
and purchase of foreign currencies all / bank guarantees companies and
companies with a similar activity all / small and medium - sized loan
companies and similar activity all ( bank statement )


Rich4hyip: wow,cbi is started to talk like crazy now,so much publications,so perfect the timing they choose, does this one mean they order all of those institutions to submit their account and close the old book and ready to start a new one with the new rate? getting more and more exciting.



It has been weeks since my last post, I made a decision weeks ago after going through another "hyped up holiday season" to pull back and try to determine where we are at, and why we're there.

So after weeks of research, I still believe the RV/GCR is moving forward and we are moving closer than ever before, but it's impossible for anyone to provide an accurate RV/GCR date.

So why is that? Let me explain. . . . . First off, there's no doubt the global communities are bankrupt, forget about the Trump surge in the stock market and the appearance that the economy is booming, behind the scenes the U.S. economy is crumbling.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at the actual debt clock (showing live U.S. debt numbers)  http://www.usdebtclock.org/ .

Our national debt is at 20.6 Trillion dollars and moving rapidly upwards to the 21 Trillion mark. What I find insane is why the MSM never discusses the national debt.


FUZE: GM Tnt, the reason the day and hour has been so hard to lock down, is because even the PTB, DON'T KNOW. They have to set then if necessary reset windows of time. It's likely this Tuesday or Wednesday, with a back up of next Tuesday or Wednesday. Either way, if we're truly ready this week, we will also be next week.

NetGlobal: Fuze, when they are ready, we'll be ready

Timth2lman: Since the weekend scenario is over with this week (which I completed agree with Tony makes sense) what is the next best time to release? In Adepts notes Tony said Monday was the day it was moved to…. So reckon this may go after 4pm today? Is that the "New" plan??

OffGrid: by the end of the month

Timth2lman: Offgrid....that's Wednesday partner.....we can sneeze and be there it’s so close