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Samson:  Delegates attending the International Media Conference will visit Al Mutanabi Street

8th December, 2017

Delegates attending the International Media Conference visited Mutanabi Street in central Baghdad today.

Delegations were acquainted with the literary and cultural street movement, which was admired and the Iraqis attracted to literature and culture.

The activities and activities of the International Media Conference organized by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate began on Friday under the slogan "Baghdad embraces the journalists of the world with Iraq's victories and unity" as part of the activities of the Iraqi Victory Day and continues until 11 of this month.       LINK


Samson:  Vietnam : First bank completes adoption of Basel 2

December, 07/2017 - 16:00

OCB is the first bank in Việt Nam completing the adoption of Basel 2

HÀ NỘI — Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) on Wednesday announced the completion of its Basel 2 project, two years after implementation.

It becomes the first bank in Việt Nam to complete the adoption of Basel 2 – the second of Basel Accords – with three pillars, namely minimum capital requirements, supervisory review and market discipline.

Nguyễn Đình Tùng, OCB’s general director, said the Basel 2 project completion would create an important foundation for maintaining a high growth rate, while still ensuring quality and trust among investors and partners of OCB.


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Intel wise you know we are close. Everyone can tell if you are readying anything. I know certain things get posted that I hear about. I know there are some stuff out there that is semi accurate and then some stuff I can’t really buy. Let’s start off discussing Iraq.

Bruce: Going to do some question and answers:
Question 1: Why would 92 countries represented with 113 companies have delegations from all those countries and companies represented to do business in Iraq and all arrived this afternoon in Iraq?

​Possible answers:

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Night  12-07-17  

TWW: @blackgold Everyone needs to take a deep breath and kno the truth. PLs READ GENESIS 12:3...Remember the way in 1948 when arab nations attached Israel...June the six day war, who got their ** whipped big time, and there's more...Guess who protected ISRAEL...I am partial, I am Jewish. But I do know what's what when it comes to my love for the Holy Lane :Thumbs-up .

chattels: @TWW We and the world do well to be more understanding of the Hebrew struggle over time, IMO.


Alberto: The Central bank has walked towards an economic international enviroment...
Wow, thank you DELTA!!!

DELTA: It suggests economic designation d. Keywords general economic character

Date of publication: 12/07/2017

Ramallah - the world of homeland

He suggested the Iraqi economic researcher Samir Nasiri, the House of Representatives and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, naming Dr. Ali Keywords economic distinctive character of the year 2017 and called in an article, published by the agency Economy News means the Iraqi national media, visual and print and audio to consolidate Amegrah, for the blessing of the successes of the Bank's Governor Iraqi Central and his team who deserve the right word service neutral for our national economy and our sector banking proposal Alaraca.ujae, on the eve of the opening of the major economic event hosted by the Central Bank of Iraq for the third consecutive year