November 9th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  11-09-17  

JoeSchmoe: Saw somewhere yesterday that the rate was being talked about again. Seems whenever doubt creeps into this thing, rate talk is brought out and people start to believe again :ya

oeSchmoe: it's a cycle in dinarland. People believe...then doubt. Then all that needs to be brought in again to get the juices flowing is rate talk. Then next in the cycle will be timelines. Sheeesh, am i the only one that sees this?

Doug_W: its clear as can be
Doug_W: after ALL these years


Harvester: Is this the speech we are waiting for??? WOW!!!

Aggiedad77: IMHO.....Abadi is warming up his vocal cords.....get ready.

Lobster: Precursor Speech just before THE SPEECH! He's warming up! IMO

JesusLovesBaseball:  Speech of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein

9 November 2017

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Peace on the land of Iraq, which has expanded to millions of mourners walking towards Karbala redemption and sacrifice from the cities of Iraq and from all countries of the world to commemorate the martyrdom of the father of the martyrs Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and the people of his home and his companions martyrs.



Thursday UPDATE for November 9, 2017

An Iraqi military commander is interviewed on Iraqi TV stating that Iraq is "clear" of ISIS and that the last stronghold was eliminated.

However, PM Abadi has YET to make any declarations or announcements.

Time Will Tell!


Samson:  Withdraw leave

To the Ministry of Commerce / Corporate Registration Department

M / withdrawal of the calendar leave to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currencies
Based on the decision of the board of directors of this bank, the number taken in its session numbered by number

Five and sixty-two thousand (.) held on ././17 "and for an offense

The above company for instructions regulating the work of brokerage companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies

For the year (It is decided to withdraw the leave granted to it and cancel the certificate of incorporation granted to it from

Before submitting a letter of cancellation of the company's name from your records and the record of the certified liquidation letter.

Please take what we need and inform. with respect..


Samson:  Trump is making deals with China for more than $ 253 billion

9th November, 2017

Assured US President Donald Trump on Thursday that it entered into commercial contracts in China worth a total of $ 253.4 billion. 

A US-China agreement was signed to invest up to $ 43 billion in natural gas from Alaska.

Trump said in Beijing on Thursday that he did not blame China for its surplus trade balance with the United States, blaming the imbalance on former US administrations.  "I do not blame China for this," Trump said at a summit with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

"In the end, who can blame a country for exploiting another country for the benefit of its citizens?"  "I blame the previous administrations for allowing this uncontrolled trade deficit to get bigger and bigger," he said.    LINK