July 25th 6pm

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​IQDCalls Chat Highlights Early Tuesday  7-25-17 Part 2 of 2

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room  
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  7-25-17 Part 2 of 2
chattels: Iraqi forces keep up fight for strategic areas south of Mosul SHIRQAT, Iraq — A village retaken by the Islamic State (IS) in the southern part of Mosul’s Ninevah province in early July has been clawed back after weeks of fighting and a SWAT team being called in from another province.
Despite its recent losses, the Islamic State was able to temporarily retake some liberated areas such as the village of Imam Gharbi, cutting the key highway between Qayyarah and Shirqat for weeks.

IQDCalls Chat Highlights Early Tuesday  7-25-17 Part 1 of 2
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room  
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  7-25-17 Part 1 of 2
Acerginnala: Well, I will turn many shades of red when this finally pops as I beat feet to the bank to exchange.
Sparky: @Acerginnala me too, but not all
Sparky: @Acerginnala probably go up
Sparky: @Acerginnala probability and statistics
Sparky: @Acerginnala just logical
Sparky: @Acerginnala accumulate while I wait, can only get beat for 35 percentage, upside is huge
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( Thank you George for sending this to Dinar Recaps today.)

July 25, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
July 22,2017, Source: Radio Sawa, Major General Maan al-Saadi, commander of the second elite forces in the anti-terrorism apparatus in Iraq,  described the security situation in Mosul as now completely stable. (Their words not mine!)
He said in an interview with "Radio Sawa" to the continued population of Mosul to return to their homes, which were displaced during the military operations.
He explained that the sectors are conducting security inspections of the neighborhoods that have been liberated, including the Old City.
Major General Saadi played down the importance of the attacks launched by a preacher near Tal Afar and Hawija. He considered the attacks "a natural issue because the enemy is fighting a guerrilla war"


CarlosisanGood morning everybody. Question: If the budget is passed and everyone is in agreement, why are we not seeing the RV rates yet and when will it all be released so we can finally go to the bank? Can someone please help me understand what's happening?

Islandgurl:  Carlosisin: That is a Million Dollar Question!

NetGlobal:  Carlos, I dont understand what the supplemental budget has to do with the exchange rate

Carlosisan:  Net - I was under the understanding that once the supplemental budget was passed, we would see the new rates and we would be able to finally exchange.

Readitnow:  Passed and implemented are 2 different things. They can't happen at the same moment

Pearle:  Carlosisin...I think frank was saying something was missing and would be added today


Z1World:  Here is a question that has been bothering me today-

Why would Iraq vote on and implement a supplementary budget if they were so close to enacting the current budget and implementing the new rate for the dinar?   Thoughts?  

BillA:  If I'm not mistaken, I believe that Frank said it was an IMF requirement under the SBA, needed to be accomplished prior to the review on August 1.