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ChrisC: I feel like we are sitting in a boat fishing waiting for a bite. We have been waiting for a bite for so long that my buddy has turned into a skeleton with a hat on holding the rod, haha. 

We sit here debating with ourselves and our friends whether we are going to hook a minnow or a whale, and at this point many are going to be glad to just hook a turtle. 

That being said, I was thinking about what Delta said about an exchange rate of 0.86. One of the things that has always given me an anchor to hold onto in this deal was a State Department document that I read many years ago that said the US wanted to revalue the dinar at $1.13-1.21, if my memory serves right. Many of you may have seen this document, it was about eighty pages long. 

It would seem more beneficial in the removal of the dollar in their economy if the dinar was more valuable than the dollar so that people would trade up. I thought maybe the $0.86 would allow them a period to trade the dollar and not lose, having been told it would soon be over a dollar. 

I don't know, what does anybody think? Again, just thinking while we wait.....hold on, I think I saw my bobber move!

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 4-18-18 Part 2 of 2

DinarResearcher: I have a little bit of time, I can share with all a few pages of this study

DinarResearcher: Page 17.
DinarResearcher: Foreign exchange policy and double shock in the Iraqi economy ed. Abdul-Hussein Jalil Al-Ghalbi Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Kufa

DinarResearcher: Introduction Exchange rate policy is an important economic policy whose content and content govern foreign trade and financial relations in a way that is compatible with other economic policies and can be used as a policy instrument especially in developing countries with undeveloped financial markets.

This policy assumes the importance it deserves by choosing the appropriate drainage system for the local economic environment and its regional and international interlinkages.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 4-18-18 Part 1 of 2

chattels: The Iraqi Prime Minister is not elected by a popular vote / electoral college. The new President of Iraq is obliged to offer to the " leader " of the largest group / coalition of elected Ministers of Parliament to seat a government which is voted upon by Parliament. Coalitions for purposes of determining the largest are formed post election.

chattels: In a parliamentary form of government, members of parliament are elected through a popular vote. The government is formed by the majority party or coalition led by a Prime Minister selected by the majority party.

or Choosing the Company You Keep
By Guy Finley

Those with whom we assemble, we soon resemble!

This simple old saying hides a deep Truth that can enlighten and empower every aspect of our lives:

Who we are — our very essence — is continually being transformed by the company we keep.

Stated differently, when we keep the company of what is light and bright, our lives get lighter and brighter. And when we keep the company of what is dark and discouraging, our lives can’t help but be dragged downward.



CBI Financial Situation Tables (wink)

Financial Situation Tables For 2018-  January  /  February  /  March


Yrmailmann: Hope it is ours much waited lower denoms

Manaolana3: Delta,Per our Monday CC, citizens are encouraged to bring in their currencies to exchange their three zero notes for LD's? The CBI must be expecting a deluge of them notes from the citizens!