Dining room with Beachwood beams
Dining Room Designs
Whether your dining room is used every night or designated for holiday dinners only, you want it to look as good as the meal in front of you. Faux wood beams and panels are an easy way to add warmth and eye-catching appeal to your design.

Feast your eyes on these 5 dining areas enhanced with faux wood flavor - from the simple to the complex. 
Timber beam with recessed lights
The Minimalist

Caroline from Quebec, Canada took the "less is more" approach with her design by adding a single beam over the dining area's serving counter.

To make the beam functional as well as beautiful, she ingeniously installed recessed lights within the beam, a feature made easy with the beam's hollow center.

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Box Design

This open plan dining room features a tray ceiling above the table. First, the homeowners painted it a slightly darker color than the rest of the ceiling.

Next they installed Driftwood beams, boxing them in with unfinished L-headers stained to match. The finished look is a real knockout!

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Tray ceiling with Driftwood beams
Dining room with Custom Timber trusses
Fit For a King

This is one of our favorite dining room projects because, who doesn't love a decorative truss -- never mind two!

These types of trusses are called 'Standard Kings' because of how the 3 pieces in the center look like a crown. 

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Outdoor Dining

An enterprising homeowner built this gorgeous outdoor kitchen/dining area from scratch, complete with built-in stainless steel drawers, sink and barbecue.

The real star of the project was its rustic finish -- created with Barn board style panels that covered the unit inside and out.

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Outdoor kitchen with Reclaimed Barn Board Shiplap panels
Dining room with Timber beams and candle chandelier

What dining room would be complete without a chandelier or hanging lights to illuminate the meal?

The beams' polyurethane material makes it easy to cut openings for light fixtures. Their hollow center is also perfect for concealing wires and other hardware.

(Note: Faux wood beams are not weight-bearing, so chandeliers and other light fixtures must be anchored to a support stud.) 

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Dining room with Tuscany beams
Video of the Month
How to Install Faux Beams on a Ceiling
How to Install Faux Beams on a Ceiling
Testimonial of the Month
An easy process, step by step. We always felt that something was missing in our house, particularly in the dining room. My wife comes from a French family whose house had traditional wooden beams throughout. We decided to try to recreate a bit of that old country environment by placing faux beams above our dining area. To our surprise, we were able to put them up in less time that we had anticipated. They looked so real that no one guessed that they were faux. We could not be happier with our purchase. -- Prentiss, Arlington, VA
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