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Week of June 28, 2020
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Meals Together with Family
Research has shown the importance of family meal times. Although eating together may be challenging with busy schedules, it is beneficial for family members to “come together, strengthen ties, and build better relationships.” Hopefully, families were able to enjoy time spent together around the table while staying at home due to Covid-19.

Looking for new topics for dinner time conversation? Try using Conversation Cards . Pick a card with a topic or question, go around the table to answer, and learn something new about your loved ones.

Looking for help in the kitchen? Involve your children in cooking (and cleaning)! Cooking with kids teaches valuable skills such as math, reading and language development, following directions, patience, team work, and more. There are developmental appropriate tasks Plus, kids are inclined to try new foods when they are “hands on” in the process. Find many family friendly cookbooks on Hoopla, such as

What are Sight Words ?
Sight words, or high frequency words, are common words used often when reading and writing. Learning sight words is helpful for children learning to read and English Language Learners. Practicing sight words helps improve your skills! Find lists of sight words HERE

Liz shows you 3 ways to make flash cards at home. You can use a sheet of paper, cut and folded into four flashcards, use a cereal box, or use a cardboard box to make your flashcards. Make a set and start practicing today! Watch the video HERE

Watch the video HERE  

Following Directions - Practice Drawing!

Good news: following directions is a skill and with practice, your child’s ability to follow directions can be improved! One way to improve following directions is task breakdown , or breaking a larger task down to its parts. For example, your morning routine can be broken down: waking up, brushing your teeth, making breakfast, etc. Each step leads to the success of the entire routine. Similarly, children can practice step-by-step directions in a fun way through doodling. Find directions to draw a scooter, sloth, crocodile, kangaroo, and volcano HERE

Free Printables with Little Passports
Little Passports is a monthly subscription box service for kids, however, there are many free printables available on their website. Find printable puzzles and games, coloring pages, science lessons and experiments, around the world activities, and more HERE

Learn with Ms. Randi

Ms. Randi shares a lesson for beginner English Language Learners. Watch, listen, read along, and answer questions about her cat, Blue.

Staff Picks - Do It Yourself Magazine on Flipster
Samantha recommends Do It Yourself magazine, summer 2020, found on Flipster!
“I recommend the "Do It Yourself" magazine because it's a good time to try new things, be more creative, think outside the box, and most importantly break out your comfort zone by making DIY's. You can try stitching embroidery on jeans, installing a shelf, sewing new table linens, making a hanging planter, and much more. It's a good idea to put your free time to good use by creating and making things. You have the power to define your own personal style, which is why this magazine will be a great addition to your reading list!”

Find Do It Yourself magazine on Flipster HERE

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