A Word from the Rabbi
Rabbi Paltiel

This has got to be the busiest week of the year for me. With the Annual Dinner right around the corner, that's obviously priority #1. The dinner is less than 2 weeks away... PLEASE RSVP TODAY! Thank you to all who have responded to my call to support the dinner effort by buying tickets and Scroll of Honor listings.

Then there's preparations for the Festival of Shavuos, first day falls out on Sunday so we're planning a stepped up program for the kids and families (stay tuned for an exciting program for the children). Mark your calendars for the Shavuos main event, Sunday, May 24th 9:30am services, 10:30am TEN COMMENDMENTS, lunch dairy Kiddush at noon - sponsored by Rita and Gary Litvak. It's Sunday so it's the perfect time to bring the whole family (which is why no second reading in the afternoon this year).

On top of this, Hebrew School graduation is Sunday, Esther and her staff are hard at work preparing for a grand graduation.

The JLI Judaism Decoded course has 48 registered students so that's a biggie.

What else has been going on... I had the pleasure this week of affixing mezuzahs on the homes of three families, always a thrill.

So it's been busy...

(Scroll down to see the full list of our busy schedule of events).

Oh, one more thing. We need Kiddush sponsors for Shabbat luncheons for this Shabbat and for most of May and June. For $250 you're a Kiddush sponsor for a regular Shabbos. How about it? Let me know if you're up for it. Do it in honor of a birthday, anniversary or yahrzeit. Or just as a way to spend money on something that helps the shul.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

Hebrew School in Action
HS trip

Hebrew School Grad Trip

Our Hebrew school students enjoyed a graduation trip to Active Kidz LI last week.

Click here
to view photos.

Photo of the Week

Mother's Day Celebrated at Chabad's Florence Brownstein Preschool

Enjoying the beautiful Spring Day with a Mother's Day Celebration which included Jewelery Making by Robyn Ferrari from Haven Arts, a Petting Farm and pony rides and of course our very own magnificent playground.

Click here to view photos.

Calendar of Events


Lesson 3
| Sunday, 10 AM
Click here for more info and register.


HS Graduation

Hebrew School Graduation | 10:30 AM

Click here for more info.


Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me | Spring Session
Click here for more info and to RSVP.


Jewish Heritage Reception | 7:30 PM
Click here for more info.


CTeen Pre Shavuot Program | 6-7:45 PM
Click here for more info.



Shavuot Holiday

Click here for more info and holiday schedule.


All You Need is Love

24th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Click here for more info and to RSVP.


Speech & Book Signing

Author Dr. Murray Weissbach | 6:30 PM

Click here for more info.
Question of the Week
Question of the week
A Deep Reason to Eat Cheesecake?
By: Rabbi Aron Moss | Sydney, Australia

Question: What's behind the custom of eating dairy products on Shavuot? Is there a connection between the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai and eating milk products? (I'm not complaining, I love cheesecake - I'm just looking for a deep spiritual excuse to eat more.)


Shabbat Times
Candle Lighting Times for
Port Washington, NY 
[Based on Zip Code 11050]:
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, May 15
7:47 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, May 16
8:53 pm
Torah Portion: Behar-Bechukotai

Kiddush Calendar


Click here to let us know if you can sponsor a kiddush.

Community News

Congratulations Audrey and Russ Burman on their 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations Thomas Sherman who graduated on May 8th, 2015 with a B.F.A from LIU Post.
Mazel tov to Bryan and Orly Sherman and the entire family!


Suzanne Kolen 5/6

Julia Zalta 5/17


Mr. & Mrs. David Weingast 5/15


Helen Rothstein,
5/16/2015 | Iyar 27, 5775
observed by
Sam & Sally Glasser

Tzvi ben Yitchak,
5/17/2015 | Iyar 28, 5775
observed by

Barry & Donna Jason

Ben Cohen,
5/18/2015 | Iyar 29, 5775
observed by

Hersh & Fern Cohen

Larry Russell, (Label ben David)
5/19/2015 | Sivan 1, 5775
observed by

Barbara Russell

Herbert Gould,
5/21/2015 | Sivan 3, 5775
observed by

Alan & Linda Sandman and

Anita Baskin

*CLICK HERE to convert any regular calendar date, birthday or Yahrtzeit to its corresponding Jewish-calendar date!


Who wants to be a MINYANAIRE?

Monday - Friday mornings
Services at 7:00-7:45 AM

Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning

Services: 9:00 AM

Monday - Friday
Services: 7:00 AM
followed by Coffee & Parsha

Friday Evening: 6:30 PM

Saturday Morning: 9:30 AM
Followed by Kiddush Luncheon at 12
Mincha: Following Lunch
Saturday night: 10 minutes after the end of Shabbos

Schedule of Classes

Sunday | 9:45 - 10:00 AM

Coffee & Parsha Class

Monday - Friday | 7:45 - 8:15 AM

Tanya Class
with Rabbi Paltiel
Saturdays | 8:45-9:30 AM

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Daily Thought
Working Lessons

If all the world is a classroom and all of life is a lesson, then certainly your profession and workplace are included.

After all, He has unlimited ways to provide your livelihood-why did He direct you to this way of life?

What sparks of the divine await you here?

Hayom Yom, 9 Iyar.

The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Behar-Bechukotai

On the mountain of Sinai, G-d communicates to Moses the laws of the Sabbatical year: every seventh year, all work on the land should cease, and its produce becomes free for the taking for all, man and beast.

Seven Sabbatical cycles are followed by a fiftieth year-the Jubilee year, on which work on the land ceases, all indentured servants are set free, and all ancestral estates in the Holy Land that have been sold revert to their original owners. Additional laws governing the sale of lands, and the prohibitions against fraud and usury, are also given.

G-d promises that if the people of Israel will keep His commandments, they will enjoy material prosperity and dwell secure in their homeland. But He also delivers a harsh " rebuke," warning of the exile, persecution and other evils that will befall them if they abandon their covenant with Him. Nevertheless, "Even when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away; nor will I ever abhor them, to destroy them and to break My covenant with them; for I am the L-rd their G-d."

The Parshah concludes with the rules on how to calculate the values of different types of pledges made to G-d.