October 29-31, 2020
To be held virtually via Zoom

Please note: 
Only Delegates will be invited to participate in Convention via Zoom. 
Guests and Visitors may view Convention via Facebook Live

Tentative Agenda
Thursday, October 29

7:00pm – Convention Evensong                                                                   

Friday, October 30

4:00pm – Registration Online Begins                                                          
5:45pm – Evening Prayer                                                                             
6:00pm – Convention Convenes with Opening Prayer
(The Rt. Rev’d Michael B. Hunn)
8:00pm – Compline

Saturday, October 31

8:30am – Morning Prayer                                                                              
9:00am – Convention Re-convenes 
11:00am – Standing Committee Meeting for Election of President
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The Diocesan Necrology will be published
in the program.
Please download the form ( + Click here + )
and return to the Venerable Patricia Soukup
no later than October 21
Proposed 2021 DRG Budget
Budget also is included at the end of this email.
Nominations for Diocesan Positions
( See below for Floor Nomination Procedures )
Standing Committee
Diocesan Council
Disciplinary Board
Commission on Ministry of the Baptized
Diocesan Treasurer
Cathedral Chapter
No nominations received by August 14 deadline
Floor Nomination Procedures
1. A biographical information (nomination) form is required from each person nominated from the floor.  Click here to download nomination form

2. Pdf. of the biographical form may be sent to Diocesan House (Convention@dioceserg.org) for inclusion in delegate packets no later than October 15, 2020. 

3. At the time of the report of the Nominating Committee, the floor will be opened for other nominations.

4. All required signatures of clergy, senior warden or bishop's warden must be included on the form; all clergy candidates must have the endorsement of their area dean.

5. No candidate may stand for election to more than one of the following positions:
           * Standing Committee
          * Diocesan Council
           * Commission on Ministry

6. No supporting speeches for candidates will be permitted, either for those nominated from the floor or those nominated prior to convention.
Offices to be elected:
Diocesan Treasurer - Clergy or Lay - 3 year term

Cathedral Chapter - Clergy or Lay - 3 year term 
Cathedral Chapter - Clergy or Lay - 2 year term 

COMB - Lay - 4 year term 

Diocesan Council - Clergy - 2 year term 
Diocesan Council - Clergy - 1 year term 
Diocesan Council - Lay - 2 year term 

Disciplinary Board - Clergy - 4 year term 
Disciplinary Board -Clergy - 4 year term 
Disciplinary Board - Lay - 4 year term 
Disciplinary Board -Clergy - 3 year term 
Disciplinary Board -Clergy - 1 year term 

Standing Committee - Lay - 3 year term 
Standing Committee - Lay - 1 year term 
Standing Committee - Clergy - 3 year term
Nominations from the Floor
(nominations received after August 14 deadline)
Additional Floor Nominations will be in Delegate Packets
Standing Committee
Diocesan Council
Additional Floor Nominations will be in Delegate Packets
2021 DRG Budget
The Rev. Canon Lee Curtis
Secretary of Convention
The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande
6400 Coors Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120
(505)881-0636   www.dioceserg.org