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By: Chris Tumilty, Director of Communications

Shortly after the resurrection, Jesus was walking down a long road when he ran into two strangers. These strangers did not recognize Jesus. How could they? Jesus had died, been buried, and, just hours earlier, risen from the dead. The stunning story of Christ’s death had spread, and these two travelers did yet believe the tale of the empty tomb.

When Jesus inquired about what the two strangers were discussing, they were astonished that he’d not heard. “Have you not been in Jerusalem? Have you not heard what happened?” The strangers told the tale of Christ’s crucifixion and the unbelievable story they’d heard about his tomb being found empty three days later. 

The two travelers and Jesus continued on their journey to Emmaus. The day became late, and, having enjoyed the conversation, the strangers invited Jesus to join them for the evening. Read More

Commission on Ministry Day of Information

Have you considered God's call for your life? Whether you are called to teach, preach, or lead in a Christian context, everyone is called to something. On October 8, the Commission on Ministry and Bishop Susan will outline various lay licenses and the newly organized ordination process online from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Whatever you are discerning, we wish to help focus the call of the Spirit in your life!


Ordination to the Diaconate

God willing and the people consenting, Michael Kilpatrick and Pete Martin will be ordained to the Holy Order of Deacons on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at 11 am at St. Paul's Cathedral. The live stream will be available on Diocesan Social media channels.


Memorial Evensong for Queen Elizabeth

Cathedrals are the traditional locations for occasions of public celebration and mourning. We have a close relationship with the Church of England, whose supreme Governor, Queen Elizabeth II, died on September 8. St. Paul’s Cathedral will offer a solemn Choral Evensong on Sunday, September 25 at 5:00 pm


Children and Youth

Leadership Retreat

Hiking, napping, singing, laughing, sitting around the fire, and being disconnected from the world for the sabbath. We would truly love it if a Children and Youth Ministry representative from each parish was represented at this Leadership Retreat. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to join us!


ECS Night with SD Loyal

Join ECS clients, staff, and supporters for a fun, family-friendly afternoon, on Oct. 9, as we cheer on San Diego’s local professional soccer team and celebrate the transformative work of ECS. Show up early and watch our Head Start Scholars take part in the pre-game ceremonies and escort the players out to the field.   


Camp Stevens Celebrating 70 yrs

Join us for our Restorative Justice Retreat. Camp Stevens is celebrating 70 years of impact and growth while looking toward the future! We will learn, listen, love, and start the process of healing across faiths, generations, identities, cultures, and beyond.


Nominations Open

Every year, at Diocesan Convention, we elect people to positions of leadership. Nominations are open for General Convention Deputation, Executive Council, and more. 



By: Dawn Stary

For five days in late May of this year, I had the privilege of gathering with other seminarians at the annual Preaching in Excellence conference hosted by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation (EPF). For 35 years, the EPF has been educating Episcopal seminarians and clergy on the benefits of great preaching. Four of my fellow Sewanee seminarians and I took a journey into the ins and outs of preaching excellence in the Episcopal Church. Leaders and preaching experts from across the Church took time from their busy schedules to share stories and lessons on how best to convey the word of God to church members and seekers alike.  

Each day, I had the opportunity to listen to plenary speakers and participate in several small group breakout sessions where we practiced preaching. During these sessions, I learned new ways to engage God’s words in a safe and affirming space. Read More

Across the Church

Season of Creation

Lay Eucharist Visitor Training

Future Christian Podcast welcomes the Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija

Cursillo Weekend

Hurricane Fiona inundates Puerto Rico, knocks out power 5 years after Maria’s devastation

Episcopal church on Martha’s Vineyard takes in migrants flown in by surprise

Church lauds success of Sacred Ground curriculum as new groups form to study history of racism

The Rt. Rev. W. Michie Klusmeyer named canon to the presiding bishop for ministry within The Episcopal Church

Call for Host Churches and Mentors for 2023-2024 AAM Gerre Hancock Internship

We Pray for...

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for The Anglican Church of Burundi.


In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the clergy and people of St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego, and our diocesan clergy as they gather for Clergy Conference this week

We pray for the people of Puerto Rico as they recover from Hurricane Fiona.

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