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Happy Fall Y'all, thought it certainly hasn't felt much like fall. I hope all of you have had great starts to the program year in your parishes. Fall is often a time when we hit the ground running and seem to only come up for air in quick gasps. From September forward there are kick-offs, Halloween and All Saints, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas... it just seems to be one thing after the other. I think we get frustrated when the families we serve seem less than engaged. But, in reality there is just so much. School. sports, extra-curriculars, friends... I know in my family we could have something every night of the week without even trying! WHEW.

During the recent Fall Conference Team meeting I asked the high schoolers what they loved most about youth events. Almost all of them said, "It is SO good to be away from everything else". It left me wondering, how do we help not only our young people, but their families and siblings, and even ourselves to place value on time apart? When space and time are precious commodities, how do we help those we serve evaluate the need for breathing room and then prioritize it? How do we help them understand that creating space is holy and important for spiritual growth.

This is not an easy task. It is counter-cultural work met with excuses and challenges. We live in a culture that idolizes busyness. And because of just that, I encourage you to push yourself and those with whom you work to make space this fall. After all, Jesus was counter-cultural, always pushing back, and creating space. It is always amazing to me the ways in which He shows up when we make space.


Program Officer for Youth, College Campus and Young Adult Ministries
On October 26th the Episcopal Church celebrates Four American & Pioneers of Black Rights & Women's Rights : Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Ross Tubman.

This children's book about Harriet Tubman that focuses on her strong faith and its connection to her courage.
Portrait of Sojourner Truth
• Linda Ruiz-Lozito
We celebrate and remember all the Saints on November 1st, it might be interesting to talk about some we don't know as much about.

On November 28th the Episcopal Church recognizes King Kamehameha and Queen Emma of Hawaii . Learn more about how these two people were instrumental in bringing the Church of England to the Hawaiian Islands and how their own faith shaped their governing.
There are many saints to celebrate in December, Frances Joseph-Gaudet is one. Born in Mississippi the roots of her ministry were focused on juvenile prison reform.

December also includes Nicholas of Myra on the 6th. There are many resources that can be found HERE about St. Nicholas to utilize both at home and church.
Want to learn more about Saints?
Celebrating the Saints is a downloadable curriculum by Forward Movement . It is a year long study designed for youth and adults. There is a children's curriculum that allows for family or intergenerational learning. These resources are also available in Spanish.

This book is part of a series by Sharon Ely Pearson, author and editor at Church Publishing. In this volume she shares ideas on we can celebrate Autumn in new ways. Includes activities and lessons from Back to school through Thanksgiving.
Between Halloween, All Saints and All Souls, it is a perfect time to look around your church graveyard if you have one. It's a chance to learn some history about your parish, who might be buried there and why.

Though the resource is secular, it has good ideas and a free PDF of a scavenger hunt you can download. Please be sure if you are not using your churchyard cemetery that you have permission to be on the premises.

This resource offered by Church Publishing is complete with both the Christian and Pagan roots of Halloween. Activities and ideas for Halloween.
A service for All Hallows Eve and guidelines on how to observe The Day of the Dead are available in The Book of Occasional Services adopted by General Convention in 2018

A list of 10 simple ways to help children learn the practice of expressing gratitude. Some our suited for home and others for groups or church. An easy way to being November by taking on a different practice each week leading up to Thanksgiving.

This Ministry to Youth lesson embraces the use of phones by having young people begin with a texting battle. It is a simple, yet great way to engage young people in an ongoing conversation about gratitude!
United Thank Offering Lesson on Gratitude for Middle
and High School Youth

Don't know the UTO ? This lesson is a great way to learn about a long standing ministry in the Episcopal Church. It also teaches about the importance of gratitude and how it is tied to our relationship with God. Download the word document HERE.

Story concept copyright 2008, Christ Episcopal Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This story was written and developed by Lisa Butler, Godly Play teacher and children’s catechist at Christ Church, using the Godly Play style of storytelling. It is not an official story of Godly Play. 
#AdventWord begins on December 1, 2019

Be on the look out for ways you can participate and ways the Diocese of East Carolina is participating as well!

Want to be connected to the global #AdventWord Community?

The first Sunday of Advent is December 1st. This also is the beginning of the new Church year. We move into Lectionary Year A.

This lesson from The Episcopal Curriculum for Youth teaches all about the church year. It's a free download from Virginia Seminary.
Advent Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to be used the during the four Sundays of Advent. It is flexible enough to be used in a small or large group context and can be used with older youth and adults.

From the Blog Thirty Handmade Days , this is a take on a Reverse Advent Calendar. It's easy to make and can be done along with an Advent Wreath Making workshop. It could be easily modified and used for for a whole congregation or provided as a resource for individuals and families to do at home.

Posted by Flame - Creative Children's Ministries, these are 25 relatively easy crafts or games for children for the season of Advent. There are free downloadable options as well.
Jerusalem Greer, Staff Officer for Evangelism for The Episcopal Church, author and blogger shares on the The Art of Simple the meaning behind the song the 12 days of Christmas.

• Many people are in search of an alternative to Elf on a Shelf. This resource is from the UK and focuses on showing kindness during the 12 days of Christmas. While a secular resource, it can easily be used as a supplemental resource. The book and kit are available to order.
Fall Conference for Middle Schoolers • Nov. 15-17, 2019

Parish Registration Deadline October 29th
July 7 -11, 2020
Diocese of Washington
Howard University

Information and Applications for the Diocese of East Carolina's delegation to EYE will be available soon! Please look for a separate email regarding EYE.

Youth who will be in grades 9-12 for the 2019-2020 school year are eligible to apply.

As information becomes available it will be published!
Photo: 2017 Diocese of East Carolina Delegation
Atlanta Georgia
January 21-24, 2020

" It’s time for the Episcopal Church to come together as disciples of Jesus and take a bold new step into the next decade. Let’s spend four days together, talking about discipleship, leadership, evangelism, formation, preaching, and much more—so we can go out and be the Body of Christ."

The Most Reverend Michael B. Curry • Presiding Bishop • The Episcopal Church
The Reverend William Barbor, II
• President • Repairers of the Breach

If you would like to register as part of the Diocese of East Carolina's Team and receive a 15% discount on your registration - Contact: Emily Gowdy Canady
Winterlight 44

"I Am Making All Things New"

December 27, 2019 - January 1, 2020

Join 9th-12ht grade young people from far and wide for a week of renewal.

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