Salt & Light: The Bishop's Letter to the Diocese
My friends in the Diocese of San Diego,

These are frightening times. The State of California is now under a mandatory stay-at-home order from the governor. With the exception of going out for necessities – groceries, banks, health care, gas stations, laundromat – everyone is ordered to stay at home to prevent the spread of a disease that could kill many Americans and overwhelm our health care system. Read More  
Faith to Go: Your weekly formation resources
A Weekly, On The Go Resource for Parents and Non-Parents Alike

Hosted by the Faith To Go team in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, David Tremaine and Charlette Preslar. Joined each week by a special guest, the Faith To Go team highlights themes from the Sunday Gospel reading for you to take into your faith discussions and reflections throughout the week.  More Here
Love in the Time of Coronavirus
Love in the Time of Coronavirus
By Christian Gillette, Canon for Evangelism and Discipleship

In times of stress and trial, it is tempting to allow our instinct for survival to kick in.

Do I have enough food? Do I have enough supplies? Will I have enough resources to last until…?

Of course, our instinct to survive is a natural response and can be helpful in times like these. We follow directions to practice good hygiene, we socially distance from our friends and family, and we make sure we have what we need for a long stay indoors; however... Read More
Zoom Instructions: Leading Worship from Home
Preparing an at-home worship service with multiple participants can be difficult, but it is also an opportunity to live into a new and holy way of being together. I hope that this guide helps to guide you through the technical hurdles of leading worship from home.  Read More
At-Home Video Recording Guide
Aptly named, most Windows PCs come with a recording app called Camera. To get started, open up the Camera app. The easiest way to do that is to search for it (the search bar is in the bottom left corner of your screen in Windows 10). If this is the first time you’re firing it up, you may need to give the app some permissions. Read More
COVID-19 Resources
Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is here to support you through this difficult time. The sudden impact of COVID-19 on our community-life does not mean we need to give up community. Find a list of resources that can help here : including a bulletin for Morning Prayer, resources for online giving for your congregation, help in setting up video meetings, Faith at Home resources, and more .
If you have or need any type of resource that is not listed here, please email Christian Gillette, Canon for Evangelism and Discipleship with your materials or request. 
Notice: One License
As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold, ONE LICENSE—together with hundreds of our Member Publishers—is honored to assist worshiping communities worldwide during this extraordinary time. We are able to provide two different gratis license options valid through April 15, 2020. Read More
Diocesan Staff: Working Remotely
holy trinity building
Due to COVID-19 the Diocesan Staff will be working remotely. You can find contact information for each of the staff members here. Feel free, as always, to call Bishop Susan, Canon Gwynn, Canon Christian, Rev. Kirby, or Chris for any reason. Please email the other members of the Diocesan Staff as their cell phone numbers are not listed. 
Upcoming Events (Canceled due to COVID-19)
Called to the Wall
(Canceled due to COVID-19)
Renewal of Vows
(New information to become available)
Upcoming ( Still Scheduled ) Youth Events
Episcopal Youth Bonfire
Sunday, May 31 beginning at 4:00 pm
2020 Episcopal Youth Event
July 7-11, 2020
University of Maryland, College Park