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Online Contemplative Prayer Group Continues
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  • Feeling overwhelmed and wishing for some inner calm in the midst of this crisis?

  • Yearning to connect with God, but just spinning instead? 
  • Wondering if the Church offers something like"meditation" or "mindfulness?"

  • Looking for a grounded Christian community, shaped by holy silence? 

If any of these describe you, then Contemplative Prayer Group is for you.
Hosted by: Fr. Dave Woessner
St. Michael's-on-the-Heights, Worcester

In addition to serving as a parish priest, Fr. Dave has many years of practice and teaching in both Centering Prayer (in Fr. Thomas Keating's method), as well as Samatha meditation (originating out of Theravāda Buddhism). He has offered many classes and retreats, as well as Spiritual Direction.
Contemplative Prayer Group
Sunday evenings
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

If you are completely unfamiliar with contemplative prayer, welcome! Guidance will be offered for those who wish it. Questions welcome! Contact Fr. Dave

Join Zoom Video Meeting

Meeting ID: 835 6621 8541
Password: Stillness

Dial in by phone
+1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 835 6621 8541
Password: 072630

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