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I have received many inquires this month asking questions about the YAM's around our diocese. Because of this interest, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a different YAM each month. This will be a chance to learn more about the ministries in the diocese, what they are up to, and why they think young adult ministry is important to the Church!

Our first featured YAM is The Vine: Catholic Young Adults in Asheville,  which is associated with the Basilica of St. Lawrence.

We hope this new feature helps connect the various YAMs, inspires everyone with new ideas, and celebrates how Christ is reaching Catholic Young Adults throughout the diocese.

Many blessings,
Mary Wright
Director of Campus and Young Adult Ministry

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The Vine:
Catholic Young Adults in Asheville

Jesus of Nazareth, the True Vine, likes people; always calling them to him; hanging out with them individually, in small groups, or even in crowds; pointing out people that nobody else noticed. He encountered them in their work, in their homes, in the synagogues, on the street. And for someone who had no place to lay his head, he always acted with perfect hospitality. Truly, the Son of God likes people so much, he became one. He always meets them where they are, shows the Father's love for them, shows them He believes in them, and then shows them the Way that is himself.

Like our namesake, The Vine-Catholic Young Adults of Asheville likes people: welcoming new people with hospitality, and being together with those we've been friends with for years now. I'm not going to pretend that we're all best friends, but we like coming together, and like Jesus, we get together where we are: in our homes, out and about, over potlucks, or lunch in a restaurant, or grilling out (or any meal-like Jesus, we like food) ... Read More.

Don't forget to send us your parish group information. Once added to the listings in this newsletter, your young adult   group  information  will be only a click away for anyone seeking information.

The Purpose of this newsletter is to share resources, to be a means of communication to and from Young Adult Ministries and to direct young adults who are new to the area to the appropriate parish and young adult group.