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  • From the Desk of the Diocesan Secretary
  • New from Church House
  1. New Archdeacon of Halifax appointed
  2. Church Revitalisation: "Conversations"
  3. Finance Team: Parish Share requests
  4. Stewardship and Income Generation Team: Generosity Learning Hub
  5. Money for Mission: Issue 29
  6. Environment Team
  7. Communications Team: Advent 2021
  8. Children, Young People and Families Team
  9. Parcevall Hall: 2022 programme released
  • Resources
  • Vacancies
  • Other Useful Links and Information
From the Desk of the Diocesan Secretary
Last week I went to the Tate Modern with my kids. It is always an experience, but this time I saw an installation I hadn’t seen before called Babel by Cildo Meireles. It’s a massive tower of radios, all playing different things at the same time. The result is a ‘tower of incomprehension’ as the radios create a cacophony of low continuous sound, resulting in inaccessible information. I think at times the information we send out from Church House and that you receive from all quarters can feel like a mass of incomprehension. 

It is for that reason we have created Enews+ - to reduce the noise and provide all the key information in one place. This has obvious advantages in that it reduces the number of emails that are sent, provides a single place for key information and reduces the risk of things being missed. The key weakness in the approach is if people don’t look at it, or see it as something not relevant to them, then that communication fails. Over recent weeks there have a been more than a few occasions where people have told me they didn’t know stuff, only for it to become clear they hadn’t see Enews+ (for one reason or another).

Since joining the diocese, many clergy and key lay leaders acting across a range of roles have told me how important it is to know what is going on and what resources, help and support are available. Today’s Enews+ provides a veritable feast of information around upcoming issues and some hopefully helpful content on Advent. We are keen to improve Enews+ and to make it work – so if it's not working for you then please get in touch and let us know. Tell us what else needs to go in and what needs to change.

We hope it's helpful!
New from Church House
New Archdeacon of Halifax appointed
The Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Revd Nick Baines, is pleased to announce that the Revd (William) Bill Braviner (pictured), currently serving as Incumbent of Stockton-on-Tees St Peter and Elton St John in the Diocese of Durham, has been appointed as Archdeacon of Halifax in the Diocese of Leeds. An installation date will be announced soon.
Church Revitalisation: "Conversations"
"Just a short note from me to say three things around conversations. First a reminder about this month’s conversation around online church and where we go from here. It’s on Monday, November 22, at 7.30pm- online. This conversation is a space to talk together about what might be the next step in online church as we continue to increase our in person church offering. Email me for a link.

"Second, to flag a conversation that we are hosting with Wakefield Cathedral in the Spring. We want to make space for conversation around mission and ministry in post-industrial settings. We will say more after Christmas but save the date of Saturday, March 5, 2022.

"And third, I think conversations are a really important way in which we can hear wisdom and discern new ways forward together. If there is something that you think we should be hosting a conversation around then please get in touch."

Revd Jude Smith
Director of Church Revitalisation
Finance Team: Parish Share requests
Parish Share requests for 2022 were emailed out on Wednesday, October 27, to clergy and treasurers, and churchwardens in parishes with clergy vacancies. Please do check your email inboxes and contact resourcingparishes@leeds.anglican.org if you have any queries.
Stewardship and Income Generation Team: Generosity Learning Hub
"Generosity is one of the hallmarks of our discipleship and the Christian way of living. After all, we serve and love a God whose own generosity is displayed throughout creation. Just like other strands of our discipleship, generous living is something which we may improve throughout our lifetime by learning, devotion and effort. What’s more, as generosity grows in our churches our ministry and mission blossoms and flourishes so that it overflows into the world about us, spreading God’s love and the Good News of Jesus Christ around like autumn leaves. 

"Like any integral aspect of our Christian journey, generous living is something which we must take seriously, both as followers, and as we minister among our communities. Perversely, teaching and preaching about the development of generosity is one of the most challenging topics we face as church leaders. Thankfully, the Generosity Learning Hub has been launched recently by the Church of England offering resources, guidance and inspiration so that we have all we need to offer good, structured support to grow and nurture generous communities. 

"The learning hub may be useful to a wide range of people including PCCs and other church leaders, as well as anyone who is interested in the ministry of generosity. The materials gathered are designed to be compatible for churches of all shapes, sizes, and worship styles. There isn’t space here to list everything which is available, but we warmly encourage anyone and everyone in church life to visit the Generosity Learning Hub." 

Revd Dan Langdon-Griffiths
Money For Mission: Issue 29
Moving forward, Enews+ will be the place to access Money For Mission, the newsletter from the Finance and Stewardship and Income Generation Teams. The most recent edition can be found here, with information including:

  • Parish Share Requests
  • Parish Share Forecast Survey
  • Budget Poster
  • Staff Changes
  • Training

If you would like to receive Money for Mission directly, you can sign up for direct mailing by clicking the link in the newsletter.
Environment Team
  • COP26 Daily Prayers: Running from Monday, November 1 to Friday, November 12, the daily 'Cover COP26 in Prayer' emails are designed to help you spend about ten minutes in prayer each day at this important time, praying for good outcomes for God’s creation and all of us who depended on it. Sign up for them here.

  • Saving Creation: Six Steps to Net Zero Course: this series of webinars are for all – clergy, Churchwardens, Treasurers, PCC members, Parish Environment Officers and anyone interested in combating climate change. Following the publication of the Saving Creation: Six Steps to Carbon Net Zero Church Toolkit, these webinars will start with a scriptural reflection to help us understand the gospel response to climate change. We will then look at the practical steps that a church can take to work towards becoming carbon net zero.
Communications Team: Advent 2021
Advent is fast approaching, and the Church of England has launched its Christmas campaign, 'At the heart of Christmas'. Inspired by readings from the Gospels of Luke and John read at so many Christmas services, 'At the heart of Christmas' is an invitation to everyone to discover – or rediscover – the good news of God’s saving love as revealed in the birth of Jesus. It is also a challenge to each of us to ponder in our hearts – as Mary did – what the extraordinary events of the first Christmas might mean for us now and in the years ahead. The resources produced for this year include reflections, national online services and written materials. More on 'At the heart of Christmas' can be found here.

The Communications Team is keen to share what our churches will be doing during Advent and Christmas this year on our website and social media. We've already heard of our first Christmas event, Huddersfield Parish Church's Christmas Fair, which you can read about here. If your church has plans, we'd love to hear about them, as we are creating a new Advent section on our website including a table of events from across the region. Please let us know by emailing communications@leeds.anglican.org.
Children, Young People and Families Team
Godly Play Resources
If any parishes using Godly Play regularly would be interested in a new project involving hosting a selection of the diocesan Godly Play resources, please contact liz.morton@leeds.anglican.org by Monday, November 8, 2021 for more information.
Training and Events:

The following are standalone sessions, although they can be completed as part of our Working with Children and Young People Course:

  1. Intergenerational Worship and Prayer on Tuesday, November 9 considers the importance of intergenerational worship in the life of the church and shares a number of examples of helpful practice from across the traditions of the church. 
  2. Children’s Spirituality and Development on Tuesday, November 30 looks at the importance of children’s spirituality and development, including the role of Christian nurture and worship in early spiritual development.
  3. Family Ministry and Faith at Home on Tuesday, December 7 is an opportunity to discuss the importance of engaging with families in the twenty first century. This includes considering how both the Growing Faith and Faith at Home initiatives can support engagement with families.
Parcevall Hall: 2022 programme released
The 2022 programme for Parcevall is now online, and the virtual print version is available here.
The Diocese of Leeds has recently launched its resources to help churches reach carbon net zero by 2030, 'Saving Creation: Strategic Action to Combat Climate Change'. These include a video, toolkit, and case studies, with more to come. Read more here.
A new resource pack to help churches better support people with disabilities has recently been produced by the diocese and churches across the British Isles. Called ‘A Welcoming Church’, it has been produced by the Diocese of Leeds in collaboration with Dublin and Glendalough Youth Officer Susie Keegan, and The Church of Ireland Youth Department. Read more here.
Living in Love and Faith, The Church of England’s landmark set of resources on questions of identity and which draws together the Bible, theology, science and history with powerful real-life stories has now been published. The product of three years’ work includes a 480-page book, a series of films and podcasts, a course and an online library of other publications. Find more here
The latest edition of the Prayer Diary is now online to download.There are fresh prayers for Sudan as well as prayers for Tanzania. Download prayers here.
For information, resources and more, visit www.leeds.anglican.org
The Diocese is seeking to appoint a Finance Manager, who will play a vital role in leading the work of the Finance team. You will need to be a fully qualified Accountant (ACA/ACCA/ACMA), with excellent communication skills and an analytical approach. Find out more here.
Other Useful Links & Information
For safeguarding issues, contact our advisers on:
safeguarding@leeds.anglican.org or call 0113 353 0257 
Carla Darbyshire - Safeguarding Team Leader
Jenny Leccardi - Safeguarding Adviser
Narinder Lyon - Safeguarding Adviser
Nikki Rose - Assistant Safeguarding Adviser
Moves and Appointments

Venerable Peter Townley to be Acting Archdeacon of Halifax following Archdeacon Anne Dawtry’s retirement on Sunday, October 31. This interim appointment will run alongside Peter’s role as Archdeacon of Pontefract.

The Venerable Anne Dawtry to be Archdeacon Emeritus following her retirement.

The Who's Who directory lists clergy & diocesan staff (email addresses & phone numbers). Access it here 
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