August 4, 2021
A Message from the Bishop

Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a teenage horror movie with this pandemic. You think the worst is over, and the tension starts to drop; suddenly, the protagonist reappears, and there's one last crisis to navigate. It's like that with this latest surge in cases nationally.
We are in a rapidly evolving situation here right now. I had hoped we'd be moving to a full reopening as schools were reopening this fall. But that's not the case. After a Springtime of watching the indicators fall across the board, the indicators are all pointing up again in the last weeks.
I'll be meeting with the clergy and the wardens this week to discuss our next steps. I'm hopeful that this is a temporary setback. In other parts of the world, this new Delta variant has spread quickly and caused a great deal of suffering, but then it recedes as quickly. I ask you to be patient with everyone burdened with the duty of deciding how to keep people safe. It's a hard thing to balance people's desire to return to the things that nourish them with our corporate responsibility to minimize risk. We may not always get it right in the fog of the moment, but it's certainly not for trying.

The Rev. Robert Reuss

The Rev. Robert Reuss, former rector of St. David's-on-the-Hill in Cranston, has died at an assisted living facility in Venice, FL. Prior to his tenure at St. David's, he also served at Christ Church, Westerly. After leaving RI, he served congregations in NC, GA, TN, FL. He is survived by his wife, The Rev. Patricia Reuss. Funeral details may be found at the link below.

May he rest in peace, and rise in glory.

Save the Date!

The Diocese of Rhode Island’s 230th Diocesan Convention will be held November 6, 2021 in person at St. Luke’s in East Greenwich. More details will be coming soon.

All resolutions recommending action by Convention, other than resolutions accompanying reports presented to Convention, shall be referred to the Committee which shall review and shall report to Convention all resolutions. If you are proposing a resolution, please follow the directions on the 
Resolutions Form. Please note that a properly signed and executed Resolution form may be scanned and emailed to Resolutions must be received before September 23, 2021, forty-five days (45) before Convention.
Are you interested in serving on a diocesan committee? The Committee on Elections is charged with finding nominees for vacancies on all committees. Nominees are elected by Diocesan Council or Diocesan Convention. Terms begin at the time of Convention, and most are three years long. A person can serve for two consecutive terms on a committee (with a couple of exceptions). If you are currently on a committee and your first term ended in 2020 or 2021, you are probably eligible to serve another term. A member of the Committee on Elections will contact you to ask about this, or you can send an email to express your intention.  If you want more information about a committee, fill out this form.  If you would like to be formally nominated for a position, fill out this form. All forms and emails can be sent to   

Please note that lay persons who are interested in being nominated for a position are asked to have their parish priest sign the form. Nomination forms must be submitted by September 23, 2021. For more information, contact the Rev. Bettine Besier at 860-303-5927
TENS Network - Every Perfect Gift / Cada don perfecto
Annual Pledge Campaign Materials are here!
This year's annual pledge campaign is ready for you! The TENS theme this year, Every Perfect Gift, focuses our attention on all of the gifts that God gives us. Everything we receive is transformed by our generosity and love and to be used in mission for our churches. All our materials are in English and Spanish, and may be downloaded by members of the TENS network of dioceses and congregations.
Log in today to take advantage of these resources for your pledge campaign!
  • Graphics and Logos
  • A hymn to use in your liturgy
  • Sample letters from Clergy, Stewardship Committee, and Wardens
  • Adaptable Prayers of the People
  • Sample pledge / promise cards
  • Seasonal and Weekly Reflections for September, October, and November Sundays.

Contact Mary Ann Mello for the password to Log in.
Breaking Through the Pledge Plateau – a Webinar for the Diocese of Rhode Island
Thursday, August 26, 6:30PM

Learn donor-focused tools and approaches to annual fundraising campaigns in your church. In collaboration with TENS: The Episcopal Network for Stewardship, we are offering this webinar free of charge to all members of the Diocese of Rhode Island. Develop strategies that will help inspire generosity and increase giving in your congregation. Registration is free. Please register today. Or point your browser to:
New Look - Safe Church

Our Safe Church Training site, Armatus, is transitioning to become Praesidium Academy. It will have a new look and a somewhat different interface. Users will be receiving an email about the new system - Yes, it is valid and anyone who will need to update their training should take note. Please be on the look-out.
Telling Your Stories

What have we learned during the time of pandemic? What ministries has your church taken on, or let go? What has flourished? Where is the Spirit leading you? If there is a story your congregation has of discovery or growth, let's tell it. Contact Communications Director, Kristin Knudson-Groh (
Thinking about Hybrid Church

The Living Church is running a series of articles about how we blend in-person and online worship. As we regather and regroup over the summer, it is worth taking a deeper look at what we've been doing and how to move forward.
The Hybrid Church: What Is It? Part 1.
Presenting Hybrid Church Effectively. Part 2.
Unlocking God's Grace and Hope
September 24-26, 2021

As we emerge from the global pandemic:
  • How will we offer God’s grace and hope to our neighbors?
  • How will we extend the Gospels’ invitation to “come and see?”

Join St Mary's in the Mountains (Wilmington VT) for a weekend of inspiration as we bring together some of the Episcopal Church’s most innovative and inspiring leaders in evangelism. Celebrate how we can extend God’s grace and hope through music.

The Congregational Development Commission (CDC) is offering scholarships for those who would like to attend. CDC will give a scholarship for the registration fee for those who are attending either online or in person. CDC will also grant a scholarship towards a hotel room in the amount of $100.00 per room per day. Hotels and cost are listed in registration information. 
Please speak to your priest if you would like to apply for a scholarship. Reimbursement from receipts will be paid directly to the church. 

For more information, please see the conference brochure here.
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