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Vescent is humming with excitement as 2017 gets going.  We're hiring new people and as we grow, we are moving to a new facility.  Also a customer has shared some recent work they have completed.
4 kHz Linewidth DFB Supported by D2-105 Laser Controller

Dr. Michel Lintz and his colleagues at the
Université de la Côte d'Azur in Nice and the Centre National d'Études Spatiales in Toulouse have recently reported narrowing the linewidth of a DFB diode laser to 4 kHz using both feed back and feed forward techniques.  Dr. Lintz' team used a Vescent Photonics  D2-105 Laser Controller to drive the diode due to its low noise.
The full text of the article discussing the group's work, published in Review of Scientific Instruments can be  found here.  We thank Dr. Lintz for sharing this exciting work with Vescent Photonics and our community.
D2-105 Laser Controller

Based on the Libbrecht-Hall circuit design, the D2-105 Laser Controller has the lowest noise of any laser controller on the market.  With <100 nA rms noise, it will not substantially contribute to the linewidth of your DBR, DFB, or external cavity diode laser.

The D2-105 will accept servo and modulation signals over a bandwidth of DC to greater than 1 GHz.  And it features two independent PID temperature control loops to stabilize your laser. One of these loops has an external servo input which will compensate for laboratory temperature fluctuations over hours and even days. 

The D2-105 is part of a complete line of precision lasers and laser control electronics.

Vescent Photonics 
is Hiring:  Digital Design Engineer and Sales Engineer

We have immediate openings for a Digital Design Engineer and for a Sales Engineer. The Job Description for the Digital Design Engineer and Sales Engineer  can be found here.

Come and join a dynamic, fast-growing team that leads the precision photonics community.

For information or to apply, contact us at
Vescent Photonics Gets a New Home

Vescent grows, we need more from our facility. In March, we will move to a new building at:

6770 W. 52nd Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002

The 6,600 square foot building will be completely dedicated to our precision laser and control electronics business. It will include 500 square feet of clean room, an optics lab, electronics lab, manufacturing space, and a machine shop. We're excited about the move!
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