The Red Zone    

Well, gang…it’s two minutes left in the fourth quarter and we’re in the “Red Zone” on a fourth and goal to go! In U.S. and Canadian football jargon, this means that the game is nearing completion and we have a chance to score a touchdown and ultimately, win the game! 

From an end of year standpoint, closing another chapter in our FCSI The Americas history, this is true. From the standpoint of “winning the game” – we have already done that as we end 2019 with all victories and no defeats, folks! This old guy is turning over the “keys to the castle” to Eric Norman, FCSI (the young guy on the block who already has a wealth of experience…take your bow, Eric, and now do your thing!). 

As for me, you aren’t rid of me yet…I am going forward as FCSI Worldwide Chair, so I’ll be talking to all of you from time to time within a different context, as it relates to our Worldwide Society business. 

I have truly enjoyed the last two years and want to especially thank my wonderful Board of Trustees for their support and professionalism – all super people and consummate professionals. A huge thank you also to Wade Koehler and his great staff as well, for all they have done and continue to do to create success after success for our Division. And last, but not least, all of you members whose support has created a Division whose strength in numbers, program excellence, financial position and professionalism, is at an all time Divisional and Society high – my hat is off to all of you!

Thanks, and my best wishes to all for a best ever 2020!