Creating a Collaborative Team

People in our firm have titles; however, we operate on an equality approach and without the typical firm hierarchy. It is true that some people within the firm have more time and experience in the industry but the underlying fact is that every member of our team, regardless of experience or age, is a potential guest of our clients’ and therefore their input and perspective are important and have relevance when developing a project.
So how do we build a creative team? It is a two-part answer. One part requires expertise either within the food service world or design/construction industry. And the other part requires that they are a good fit in our firm’s culture and the brand of the firm. We have found that these two attributes are extremely vital to the success of the firm and success within the firm.
So, the big question is how and where we find qualified people. We thought about this for some time and performed a little research to try and find people that we thought might be a good fit for us. We consistently found ourselves migrating to social media as this seemed to be the best place to find talented people and it seemed to be the place where talented people were looking for careers or career change. As a result, we place strategic ads on social and they have netted the best candidates for us allowing us to build an amazing team of highly creative people. 

Ken Schwartz, FCSI
SSA, Inc. 
FCSI TA Board Trustee