Direct Difference, Inc Exceeds Registry Expectations

Direct Difference, Inc abstractions were recently audited by NCDR for ACTION registry, which is the MI registry now called CPMI. Direct Difference, Inc. abstracted all of the cases for the year 2018 that was selected for audit. We recently received the preliminary results back.

The preliminary results are  Exceeds Registry Expectations , with a match rate of 97.18%.  Exceeds Registry Expectations  is an exemplary status only a few receive. Most audits fall within Meets Expectations with a match rate of 85% to 95%.

Exceeds registry expectations is for sites that have a mismatch rate less than 5%. Congratulations Direct Difference, Inc CPMI abstractors!!!
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October 2019

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Direct Difference, Inc. Chief Quality Officer
Brenda Clemens   is always a resource for you to call if ever you have any questions or concerns.  Brenda makes routine quality calls to our clients to ensure we are meeting your needs. We want to be certain you know Brenda is always available to you and you can reach out to her at any time with any questions or concerns you may have.
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Webinar: GWTG Heart Failure and Stroke
Target: Type 2 Diabetes PMT Updates
Please join the American Heart Association’s Quality and Health IT Team as they discuss the recent Target: Type 2 Diabetes updates to both the Heart Failure PMT and Stroke PMT registries. In this technical webinar, AHA staff will discuss the new Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll program, the HF and Stroke form updates that have been created to support the program, and provide answers to your questions during a Q/A session.

A free, six-month initiative focused on improving...

The IHI Better Maternal Outcomes Rapid Improvement Network is a free initiative aimed at connecting hospitals and providers in the United States who pledge to improve health outcomes by delivering safe, equitable, respectful care in the care to all.

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US could experience nearly 122K physician shortage by 2032

The US could face a shortage of 46,900 to 121,900 physicians by 2032 affecting primary and specialty care as the country's population ages, according to projections from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

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More clinicians received MIPS bonuses in year 2

Although more clinicians who participated in year two of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System will receive a bonus compared to year one, there are less participants overall, the CMS announced Friday.

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Joint Commission imposes maternal safety standards for...

Starting next July, the Joint Commission will require accredited hospitals to have 13 policies in place to help prevent the likelihood of hemorrhage and severe hypertension for pregnant patients. The new standards, which will go into effect July...

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Can Better Meetings Beat Burnout?

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Medical groups: Giving apps access to EHR data may harm

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Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program has selected up to 500 hospitals for validation of chart-abstracted measures for the calendar year (CY) 2021 Annual Payment Update (APU) determination.

The list appears in the second sidebar located on the right side of the page, under the  Hospitals Selected for Outpatient Data Validation  header. Questions regarding the Hospital OQR Program or the Outpatient data validation provider selection may be submitted through the  CMS Hospitals – Outpatient Q&A tool here
Important Data Submission Deadlines
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