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May 2018

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Tackling the Quadruple Aim
Helping Cardiovascular Professionals Find Work-Life Balance

"A robust, diverse and healthy workforce is key to achieving the College's new vision of a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes," writes C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC, in his first JACC Leadership Page as ACC president. Valentine emphasizes the importance of incorporating professional well-being into ongoing discussions about improved outcomes and cost savings. "Although the focus on better outcomes, improved care and lower costs is still fundamental," he writes, "increasing administrative, regulatory and professional burdens are leading to clinician burnout and running counter to the goals of the triple aim. This has led to a call for a fourth aim addressing professional well-being." Valentine highlights how the College is addressing the "Quadruple Aim," noting this is a key element of the College's strategic priorities and next Strategic Plan.

Direct Difference Inc Sponsors Honor Flight Southland
Honor Flight Southland is a 501(c) (3) non-profit 100% volunteer organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices. They safely transport our heroes to Washington DC to visit and reflect at their memorials. Top priority is given to the senior veterans – World War II survivors, along with those others who may be terminally ill.

Of all the wars in recent memory, it was WWII that truly threatened our very existence as a nation - and as a culturally diverse, free society. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, an estimated 860 WWII veterans die each day. In 2018, our youngest WWII veteran is 90 years old, most are well into their 90's. Our time to express our thanks to these brave men and women is running out.

HONOR FLIGHT SOUTHLAND  pays a small tribute to those who gave so much - a memorable, safe and rewarding TOUR OF HONOR!

Direct Difference Inc is honored to help support this amazing organization!

Quality Reporting News 2019 IQR Proposed Rule
This proposed rule would reduce the number of measures acute care hospitals are required to report across the 5 quality and value-based purchasing programs. Measures were proposed for removal if they were duplicative, “topped out” (meaning that the overwhelming majority of providers are performing highly on them), or excessively burdensome to report. The proposal was aimed at enabling providers to focus on tracking and reporting the measures that are most impactful on patient care. Overall, the proposed rule would eliminate a significant number of measures hospitals are currently required to report and “de-duplicate” measures across hospital quality programs. These proposals will remove a total of 19 measures from the quality programs and will de-duplicate another 21 measures, while adopting 1 claims-based readmissions measure.

Do you know all the services we are able to provide?
Measuring quality is necessary for improving healthcare. We understand that when providers are overly consumed with measuring and reporting quality metrics, it is difficult to actually apply results and focus on actions that lead to real improvements.

Why not smart source all of your data abstraction needs so that it is done better, faster, more consistently, and at lower cost and with less risk?

Did you know we provide abstraction services for core measures, non-core measures, registry, OPPE-FPPE, NHSN, peer review, pharmaceutical studies and others? If you have any data abstraction needs please contact us for more information. All you have to do is respond to this email to get started.

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Top US Health Systems Have Better Outcomes Measures
IBM Watson Health's list of the top 15 US health systems included nine that were on the list in 2017. Health systems that made the list were more consistent in their clinical and operational performance and had fewer in-hospital deaths, complications and health care-associated infections than systems that did not make the list.

App Helps Physicians Improve Clinical Decision Making
A study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association showed that physicians who used PTT Advisor, a CDC-developed clinical decision support app, to evaluate cases involving bleeding or thrombosis made correct testing and diagnostic decisions nearly 83% of the time, compared with 70% with traditional decision support. Researchers found that the mobile health tool also helped improve the physicians' speed and confidence in their clinical decisions.

National Cycling Day Is May 14!
Grab a friend and get out on your bike on May 14 – or go take an indoor cycling class – but don't forget to #EnjoyTheRide! Let America know you are committed to stopping the cycle of heart disease and stroke and help spread the word by posting on social media using #CycleNation. 
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