Considered to be one of the greatest Italian jewelry designer, Pasquale Bruni keeps on fascinating collection after collection. His Italian roots prevail, the use of big colored stones is his signature and it’s a family business. What else for a successful jewelry recipe?
Pasquale Bruni offers something far beyond the scope of traditional jewelry. Italian by all means, his creations are an exuberant blend of art and design that celebrates perfection and introduces beauty in a variety of shapes and styles. Carefully-selected noble metals come together with precious stones for the ultimate blend of sparkling decadence.
Unmistakable design, avant-garde techniques and manufacturing excellence characterize the brand’s philosophy and shape its image as a leading name in the world of couture jewelry. Proudly carrying their traditions for over 50 years, they have transitioned into the present without foregoing the heritage that made the name Pasquale Bruni become synonymous of fine quality and passionate Italian creativity. The fiery Mediterranean lineage of the Bruni family shines through in the passionate collections that capture and relay the full spectrum of human emotions with unmatched finesse and zest.

Every piece is more than a simple precious object – it is a bespoke work-of-art that inspires and mesmerizes with its minute detail. The unique designs tell a story of character and seduction, femininity and grace and the force of passion and dreams.