Director of Nursing (DON) +
Arnett Carbis Toothman (ACT) =
A Great Investment

The Director of Nursing turnover rate is higher than any other position in the long-term care profession. Nurses who accept the challenge of being a DON come from varying backgrounds and levels of experience.  Even the most seasoned DON needs clinical and regulatory support in dealing with the overwhelming amount of rules, continual regulatory changes, and public scrutiny. 

A high performing DON benefits the organization by ensuring high levels of care and quality of life for residents, decreasing employee turnover, and improved surveys, Five Star ratings, and financial outcomes.

Here is how ACT can help

Regulatory updates, tips, best practices, and resources that address:

  • Clinical leadership
  • Federal regulations based on a whole system approach
  • Enhanced care systems and practices
  • Staffing stabilization and retention
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) strategies
  • Time management
Contact ACT about one of the greatest investments an organization can make an investment in the future success of clinical leadership. Our programs include different levels of support for DONs and other nursing leaders, based on their experience and challenges. Allow us to work with you in creating an individualized program that meets the needs of your facility and your DON.
For more details, contact your ACT client service representative or email us at or Candy Sanchez at