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From the Rector's Desk
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
Rector, St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
Dear Ones,

I write to let you know that Catherine Outten Olivo will be leaving us as Director of Youth Ministries. Here are her words, followed by mine ~
Dear St. Columbans,
After prayerful thought and consideration, I write to inform you of my resignation as Director of Youth Ministries on May 31, 2019. Please know how deeply I care for the youth and their families at St. Columba’s. I give this lengthy notice with the knowledge that now is the time when people looking for positions in the church are being recruited for the summer. I am committed to finishing the program year strong in order for the new DYM to start on the right foot.
St. Columba’s has been a great source of joy for me these last few years.
I will be forever grateful for lessons learned, opportunities given, and friendships gained. This time with you has been fruitful, joy-filled, and
Spirit-filled and I am so grateful for your care, hospitality, and friendship along the way. It has become clear that our family needs a parent who can be more fully present on nights and weekends. 
This decision was not an easy one, but I am confident it is the right one for my family. I’m equally confident that the person to come will have the needed and necessary gifts to sustain and strengthen this program. 
I look forward to spending these next four months with you all in worship, prayer, service, and joy. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Catherine Outten Olivo
I fully appreciate Catherine’s desire and decision, and I am sorry to see her go. She has brought wonderful ideas, energy, and faith to her role. Mindful especially of our summer pilgrimage, SCAP, and planning for future seasons, I will move quickly to find a new DYM to support our youth and their families. While our first priority is getting the right person for the job, our hope is that we will have a new DYM in place in time for some overlap with Catherine, or at least very little gap. Ensuring the vitality of St. Columba’s vibrant youth ministry is a top priority for me.
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin