2019 Year End Review
Director Letter for the year of 2019: 
Looking back at 2019, we gave safe housing environment to 171 people ( 25 families/37 children and 42 veterans.)  During their stay they were not charged anything for services received, food or additional needs. We helped with car repairs, deposits, medical assistance  and other monetary challenges. All 300 social worker hours, counseling hours and transportation were free. Along with that, our staff had a busy year providing a variety of caring services to each resident at a total of 4879 overnight stays. 

Our staff works diligently to provide the best possible services to our residents but we could not do it without the help of our volunteers. We have estimated 1200 volunteer van driver hours, 1750 volunteer phone operator hours, along with class facilitators, donators, volunteers to help with office work, moving furniture etc.

We have partnered with local churches and businesses to provide approximately  2100 meals. This is an estimated $51,000+ in food costs and 1092 volunteer food provider hours.

While these numbers are good for a small shelter, we really are not about numbers. It is not enough to feed and house temporarily. That is just a band-aid. We have been thrilled to have an 87% success rate for helping our residents find employment/housing or a bus trip home. 

Our two fundraisers, the Ladies Luncheon and the Annual Charity Golf Tournament were the best yet. Each event raised between $25-35,000. A lot of hard work went into these events and we wish to thank all those that helped to make it happen.

I remain excited to be the volunteer Executive Director as we are in our 10th year in this great community. Because of our board, staff, volunteers and supporters we had a great year and look forward to a great 2020 for us and for you. Thank you!!


Dana Black

Sunday lunch, the children wanted their own "kids table.".  Please remember our children that stay at the shelter...37 last Year!

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