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Parent Feedback Survey
Liebe TCGIS Familien, 

In our ongoing efforts to best serve our kids we ask that you respond to this survey.

There are three elements to it. The first is to gain understanding of the challenges our community faces. Our kids' emotional health is one big key to their learning and knowing more about the home environment will help us better serve them and you. 

Because of the personal nature of some questions, we are not collecting email addresses in this survey

The second section gathers information on the family and child learning experience. We seek to prioritize our improvement efforts with this information. 

Finally, we need stakeholder input as we reevaluate the "Quarantine Weeks" that we are currently working under and whether they should remain a part of our calendar. (The state has made no recommendation for such weeks. They are our own precaution.)

Students and staff will be completing comparable surveys this week, as well. 

Danke im voraus / Thank you in advance for your time and attention!


Ted Anderson
Executive Director