News from Dr. Jeff Gillman
Director's Report July 2019
This summer has been amazing, and it’s only just begun! Fairies visited the Gardens and all of our young visitors during the summer solstice on June 21st. Wands and fairy wings were seen in abundance and we were so pleased that our dear friend Nightshade the Fairy came by with her friends to spend some time with us making crafts and touring the gardens.

In just a few short weeks we’ll be having another event to connect kids with nature. The most fascinating plants in the world are those which rely on animals as their food, and at our Carnivorous Carnival those plants will be front and center. You can learn all about what they eat, why they eat what they do, and even watch them being fed. If you’d like to build your own bog garden with carnivorous plants you can take a class on how to build one for your porch or deck, or, if you’d just like to try a plant or two, you can just buy a venus fly trap or pitcher plant to try out on your own. There will be demonstrations, games and crafts. It’s going to be fun!
Bridge Repairs
Doesn’t it feel good to get those painful chores done? Well, here at the gardens we just got two big ones out of the way! The weather at the end of last year put a couple of bridges out of commission and we have been working to repair them for a few months now. Well, they’re finally done. In the Harwood Gardens we asked Jake Edwards of JE Woodwork to repair an old wrought iron bridge that had a collapsed tree fall on it. The repaired bridge is made out of cedar and looks great. It even has some of the iron from the old bridge incorporated into the design. The bridge in the Glen was somewhat less exciting to repair and we fixed it up in house. With new boards it’s a much safer and more functional structure than it was.
Save the date: Symposium
I am happy to report that we will be having a symposium again next year! This event will again occur at UNC Charlotte’s Center City facility and will include a number of speakers including Peter Del Tredici who will give a talk about the brave new ecology that has become the new normal in many urban areas and how that relates to both native and exotic plants. There are a select few scientists whose writing I follow religiously. This is one of those scientists. I can’t wait to host him! Save the date: Saturday, February 1, 2020 . More details and registration coming soon!
Plant Spotlight: Night-blooming Cereus
The night-blooming Cereus is one if the coolest plants that you can imagine, but only if you visit at night! This cactus is pollinated by night flying moths and bats – not your typical bees and butterflies! Here's a gif of it blooming overnight!
That's all for this month! Click below for a full list of our upcoming events. I look forward to seeing you in the Gardens!
Jeff Gillman Ph.D.     
Director, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
Save the Date: Fall Sale
Members and UNC Charlotte community Preview Sale: Thursday, October 3. 12-3pm
General public sale: Friday and Saturday, October 4-5. 9am-3pm.