August, 2020 Updates
Director Letter for August, 2020:
We all love the warm fuzzy stories of helping a mother with small children find employment and then helping them move into their own housing. Sometimes, it is only helping them get their vehicle fixed for safe travel. Sometimes its just sending a family or person home to loved ones:

This sweet man stayed with us until he found housing in Myrtle beach. This weekend we were able to take him a sofa, end table, lamp and linens so that his house could become a home. 
 A more recent story is sadder but still sweet, and shows why our community is so special.  This veteran has lived in transitional housing on our site for about 3 years. He is a decorated veteran and worked until recently. Unfortunately, he is very ill now without any family close by to help him. 
Thanks to our male staff Members (Nolan and Robert), for rising to the occasion when this veteran fell several times and could not get up.  Our staff also makes sure he has a plate of food daily. One of our female residents has cleaned his bathroom and washed his clothes several times.

This weekend we were able to upgrade his bath with a hand headed shower (thanks to Michael for installing) and a shower safety seat.  These items were purchased by the American Legion Auxillary. 

A local social worker sat for hours filling out the paperwork needed to get our veteran other assistance. Also, Susanne Sasser with Patriot Health and Hospice Care, Embrace Hospice  and the War Vets helped with his fees, phone and vehicle insurance for this month.

He goes back to the hospital soon for tests and our hope is for his safe return to his friendly and supportive place he calls "home".  Our prayers are for him to be comfortable as he goes through this trying time in his life ...he is part of our NSHS family. Please keep him in your prayers.

Thanks to those businesses that sponsor  our fundraisers and to our Legacy Partners. Please support those that have helped us as businesses open again. You can learn who some of  these different organizations are at our website or on our Facebook Page.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. All donations are tax deductible.

You don't have to be wealthy to make a difference in a person's life.

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