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US Senator Robert Menendez
US Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) issued the following statement regarding the latest announcement by the Obama administration to lift restrictions that allow the financing of American exports to Cuba.  >Click Here

Misael Canet Velázquez
Alexander Canet Velazquez, brother of Misael states that no one has been permitted to see his brother since January 4, 2015. Misael has been on a hunger strike since December 17th, a fact that was confirmed on January 27th when agents from the prison stated to the family that "Misael was still on hunger strike but in good health".
>See Profile
                                                                                       "Please help save my brother's life" -  
Alexander Canet Velazquez

Geovanny Izaguirre Hernandez
On January 25, 2016 Political Prisoner Geovanny Izaguirre Hernandez was beaten up by State Security inside the prison. He received a blow to his head, a punch to his eye and finger bent backwards until it broke. This senseless beating was in response to Geovanny coming to the aid of a suicidal prisoner, not wanting to let him die. >See Profile
UPDATE: After being held for 3 months in prison for holding a sign asking for the release of political prisoners, Hugo Damián Prieto Blanco, Leader of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Civic Action Front was released.   
Listen to interview on Radio Republica's program "Resistencia"  with Hugo Damian following his release >Click Here
Ain't Gonna Play Havana
We unveil Directorio's new Blog section with a piece on the way that International Artists have acted towards Cuba...we ask ourselves why Artists seem to be on the wrong side when it comes to Cuba>  Click Here for Blog
Directorio.org: NewLinks
We invite you to visit Directorio's "Newslinks" section. Here you will find local, national and international articles as well as op-ed pieces. You'll find that many news sources are indeed carrying articles in support of real change in Cuba. >Click Here
"The moment there's a free Cuba, the moment there are elections in Cuba, the moment that beatings stop happening in Cuba, then I think there will be a very bright opportunity [for Miami-Dade] to take its right leadership role in Cuba," Bovo said. "All we need is to be a little patient." -Miami Dade Commissioner Steve Bovo  (Miami Herald Interview )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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