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We Come Together : The Time is Now
In response to President Obama's announcement of his planned trip to Cuba, the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance held a press conference at Directorio headquarters.
Gorki Aguila, internationally renowned Cuban artist and human rights activist, joined the exile community in articulating its criticism of the visit.
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Six-Minute Silent Vigil for Justice
At Florida International University we will join hands for the 20th time at the main fountain on Modesto A. Maidique Campus as we have done for the past 19 years,  in a silent vigil spanning the time when two civilian planes were shot down over international airspace at 3:21pm and 3:27pm on February 24 ending the lives of Mario Manuel de la Peña  (age 24), Pablo Morales (age 29), Carlos Costa (age 29), and Armando Alejandre jr.   (age 45). This touching tribute is organized by the Free Cuba Foundation.   >See Link

Geneva Summit for Human Rights
Directorio is one of 25 NGOs awarding this prestigious human righst prize.  Jailed opposition leaders Antonio Ledezma & Leopoldo Lopez have been selected as the 2016 co-recipients of the prestigious Geneva Summit Courage Award, representing all of Venezuela's political prisoners. Rosa Maria Paya is one of the honored speakers at this important event,  which will be streamed on the web starting at 3:30am.  >See Link
Rosa Maria Paya
Rosa Maria Paya works to promote international solidarity with Cuba and seeks justice for her father, Oswaldo Paya, a recipient of the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov Prize and a five time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who was assassinated in 2012. Watch her presentation at the Geneva Summit live online Tuesday, February 23rd at approximately 10:15am  >Link Here

Vladimir Morera Bacallao, who was freed in the round of amnesty announcements in December 2014,  was re-arrested in April 2015 and sentenced to four years in prison for posting an anti-Castro sign in his window.  He is currently serving 4 years and was force-fed in a Cuban hospital after more than 80 days on a hunger strike.  The United Nations has deemed  the forced-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike a human rights violation. >See Link
Op-eds Get It... 
The Washington Post, New York Times, National Review and more come out strongly against President Obama's decision to visit Cuba at this moment in time >See Link
 “Obama gave a handshake to a man who with the same hand signs death sentences,” Rodríguez says. “That’s something very, very hard for me to understand.” Omar Rodríguez Saludes is one of 75 journalists, human rights activists and political dissidents arrested in a sweep that became known as Cuba’s “Black Spring.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
"Amigos | Friends" Event
Join Directorio Tuesday, March 8th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm as we launch the "Amigos | Friends" campaign. Let's join forces to show our support for the many brave men and women that are standing up for freedom and liberty in Cuba. This evening will feature prominent civic leaders inside and outside Cuba.  >Link Here
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