Workshop for TESL Ontario Directory of Best Practice Resources at the 2018 TESL Ontario Conference
We’ve all had the same experience; you need to find the perfect resource for tomorrow’s lesson. You google your topic and find thousands of possibilities. You start examining each one, but nothing is quite right, and so you continue looking, maybe the next one will be better. Before you know it, an hour or more has gone by, and you still haven’t found exactly what you need.

Stop searching now! What you really need is the TESL Ontario Directory of Best Practice Resources. The Directory is filled with hundreds of ready-to-use resources that have been carefully selected by practicing teachers to meet the needs of busy ESL professionals. The Directory of Best Practice Resources contains materials from across Canada (and the US), which have been vetted to meet best-practice criteria, including usefulness for PBLA classrooms. There are 24 topic areas including Citizenship, PBLA, Special Needs, Literacy, and even an Emergency toolkit for supply teachers, or an unexpected occasion when you are called on to cover for a colleague.

The Directory was launched at the TESL Ontario Conference last year. It was designed for a variety of ESL needs, including settlement programs, English for Academic Purposes, online learning, administrators, and CLARS personnel. This year, you are invited to attend a hands-on workshop, so BYOD – bring your own device - and prepare to get acquainted with the Directory of Best Practice Resources, an invaluable tool for your teaching practice. The workshop is scheduled for Thursday November 1, from 11:20AM -12:20PM. We look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback.

Please check it out in advance:
Over 300 Real World Assessment Tasks to Support PBLA
Instructors in non-credit ESL and LINC programs have been challenged with the lack of assessment tasks available for Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) since its implementation. With funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s ESL program has recently developed a bank of “real world” assessment tasks for use by publicly-funded ESL and LINC programs.

The two year project was a huge undertaking, and the project development team included over twenty OCDSB ESL/LINC Instructors, as well as two PBLA Leads. A training package for the staff task-developers was delivered by the Project Leads, who also happen to be the program’s PBLA Leads. 

A user friendly website was created to house the tasks. Over 300 ready-to-use assessment tasks were created which can be searched by CLB level (Literacy Foundation to CLB 7), skill (Listening, Speaking, Reading or Writing) and theme. The  website will be open for use in October. Passwords for instructors to access the website will be sent out to ESL program administrators soon.

Come and meet the project team and view this exciting new resource at the 2018 TESL Ontario conference in November, as well as the CESBA Conference for Program Administrators later this fall.
Complex English Language Learners (CELLS): A Tool to Support School Learning Teams
The Complex English Language Learners (CELLS) tool was produced by the Calgary Board of Education for ELLs who may have special needs. While intended for use elementary and secondary students, the document will be helpful for teachers and administrators in adult settings as well. The model helps educators to identify concerns and provide ELLs with effective supports ...

No Canadian Experience, Eh? $
A Career Survival Guide for New Immigrants. Book: 200 pages.

Contents include career assessment, marketing yourself, Canadian workplace culture, values, and expectations...

Promoting Health Information with Adult Language Learners
This health curriculum guide was developed by Toronto Public Health for English teachers. The curriculum includes lesson plans and background information. The lessons contain interactive activities for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 1-6 ...

Book of Idioms from A to Z
The Book of Idioms from A to Z lists a broad range of familiar idioms in one place. It is hosted on the Easy Pace Learning website, where additional free downloads include grammar lessons, exercises and dictionaries ...

PBLA (Portfolio-Based Language Assessment) Emerging Practice Guidelines
This website has four sections explaining the theory behind PBLA and its implementation. Part A provides a rationale, benefits and FAQ. Part B gives classroom planning information and portfolio details. Part C contains administration and implementation information. Part D is called “Emerging Topics.” ...

Work Ready: CLB Resources for Counselling, Hiring, and Working with Internationally Trained Individuals
This resource offers two sections that instructors might find useful: Mature Workers and Non-Regulated Skilled and Semi-Skilled Occupations ...

Planning to Work in Canada?
This 66-page workbook is intended for internationally trained individuals who have arrived in Canada or are considering moving to the country. It is designed to help with research before or upon arrival. The chapters provide concise information, and lots of space for note taking with headings and guiding questions to assist the newcomer ...

Spotlight Category
Health and Wellness
Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. It is a good time to draw attention to the importance of good health and to make health and wellness issues understandable for newcomers. TESL Ontario’s Directory of Best Practices has several excellent resources for you to explore.
Promoting Health Information with Adult Language Learners
Toronto Public Health has created a new curriculum with activities for CLB 1-6. Topics include:
  • Cancer Screening and Prevention
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Tobacco Use

ABC Life Literacy Health Matters
ABC Life Literacy Canada has developed several new resources as part of the ABC Health Matters program, including:
  • Health Passport – pocket-sized guide for patients when speaking with health care providers
  • Medical History Card – a place to keep track of your medical history
  • Tips for Your Doctor Visit – sample questions for patients when speaking with their doctor
  • You and Your Pharmacist – details of support available from your local pharmacist
  • Your Rights as a Patient – your rights and responsibilities as a patient
  • Caring for Loved ones – tips for caregivers for how to support and advocate for someone under your care.

AMSSA Health Resources & Calling 9-1-1 & Walk-In Clinic Videos
The Association of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA), has created leveled materials for English learners. There are some B.C. references. Teacher guides are available.

Self-Care Guide: Caring for Yourself Is a Radical Act
Teaching can be stressful but taking care of yourself should not be such a radical idea! ArtReach Toronto has put together a self-care guide for you that is clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions to help alleviate stress.

We want to thank the Government of Ontario for funding the project and continuing to fund the addition of new resources and the currency of the website.
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