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TESL Ontario’s Directory of Best Practice Resources is regularly updated with new resources from across Canada and around the English-speaking world. We search for materials that are tied to the Canadian Language Benchmarks, in addition we also have resources for workplace programs, and English for Academic Purposes. We are interested in building a diversity of offerings, from pronunciation and pragmatics, to health and wellness and digital resources. We are always interested in hearing from you: do you have a favourite resource you’d like to tell others about? Contact Julianne Burgess, Program Manager, at
Workplace Communication Skills for Food Services
Developed by Bow Valley College in Alberta, this resource is designed for levels CLB 4-6, to help learners find and retain employment in the food services sector. The focus is on speaking and listening skills in the food industry however, reading and writing are covered as well. The curriculum is divided into four modules: Interviewing and Onboarding; Knowing Your Environment; Staying Safe; and Taking Initiative.

Learning Together Every Day Booklets
This series of three booklets written by Joan Acosta and Bev Burke are designed for adult English learners to read with young children. The booklets are written in an easy-to-read format, for caregivers to read to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The books can be read online or downloaded and printed.

Helping Children Learn
These easy-to-read activity booklets, written by Joan Acosta and Bev Burke, have been designed for adult English learners build their own literacy skills while building the habit of reading with with young children. The first book is for reading with babies, the second is for toddlers, and the third is for reading with preschoolers. The booklets can be read online or downloaded and printed.

New English Teacher Resource Guide
This is an accessible resource for beginning teachers. Developed in 2006 by the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project, some resources are dated and it has an American standards focus however, the guide provides good information on lesson planning and managing a multi-level classroom.

Pragmatic Patterns for Business: Norquest College
Developed by Norquest College in Alberta, this set of resources is designed to teach English pragmatics or “soft skills” to internationally educated professionals (IEPs).  English in the Workplace instructors will find resources to enhance professional language proficiencies, the unwritten rules of workplace communication, in the Canadian context. The lesson plans are CLB 5+, and include handouts, audio files and transcripts. The lessons cover topics such as: apologies, feedback and complaints, compliments and requests.

ABC Life Literacy Money Matters
ABC Life Literacy has financial literacy downloadable resources and a social media guide, developed by the TD Bank. The Money Matters booklets and tip sheets are designed for English learners and are suitable for Stage 1 readers. Topics include spending, saving and financial literacy for the family.

PBLA (Portfolio-Based Language Assessment) Emerging Practice Guidelines
This website has four sections explaining the theory behind PBLA and its implementation. Part A provides a rationale, benefits and FAQ. Part B gives classroom planning information and portfolio details. Part C contains administration and implementation information. Part D is called “Emerging Topics.”

Promoting Health Information with Adult Language Learners
This health curriculum guide was developed by Toronto Public Health for English teachers. The curriculum includes lesson plans and background information. The lessons contain interactive activities for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 1-6. Topics include:

   Cancer Prevention and Screening
   Diabetes Prevention
   Healthy Eating
   Mental Health
   Pedestrian Safety
   Physical Activity
   Sun Safety
   Tobacco Use

English for Financial Literacy
English for Financial Literacy is an instructor’s resource for CLB levels 1 to 8. Some materials may be adaptable for literacy learners. The objective is to help instructors incorporate financial literacy content into their program planning and teaching. There are three volumes with audio and additional online activities.

Spotlight Category
Health and Wellness
Bell "Let's Talk" Day
January 30 th is “Bell Let’s Talk” Day. The goal of this day is ending the stigma around mental health. According to experts, one very important way to help newcomers deal with the stresses around settlement is to make sure they are attached to a family physician. In addition, having social supports, such as regularly attending English classes, can help with coping, reduces stress and promote wellbeing on the path to settlement in Canada. Here are three new resources in the Directory in our Health and Wellbeing toolkit:
ABC Health Matters Workbooks
ABC Health Matters has created several workbooks that can be used with adult English learners. The workbooks are designed to help individuals develop a better understanding of how to access health care, make decisions about their health, and how to advocate for family members. Guided workshops are available in some locations. See website for more details.

Workbook topics cover tips for visiting your doctor, how to make a medical history card, your rights as a patient, health vocabulary, and more.

This service provides “live” assistance 24-hours a day for mental health, gambling and drug problems. Calls and online webchats are answered by a qualified specialist who is able to provide support and basic information on available services including: locations, how to access the services, and possible wait times. Calls are confidential and no charge. Service is provided in 170 languages.

This webpage on the website contains information for newcomers on a variety of health issues including: finding a doctor, OHIP and health card information, reproductive health and mental health, and what do to in a medical emergency.

We want to thank the Government of Ontario for funding the project and continuing to fund the addition of new resources and the currency of the website.
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