What’s new and interesting in TESL Ontario’s Directory of Best Practice Resources? The Directory is regularly updated with new materials to meet the needs of busy teachers. We are on the look out for resources that are aligned with the CLBs and will help you to implement PBLA in your classroom. Our aim is to build a repository of diverse materials that are useful and applicable to your teaching practice. If you have any suggestions for us or a favourite resource you’d like to share, please contact Julianne Burgess, Program Manager, at bestpractices@teslontario.org
Indigenous Perspectives Guide
If you are interested in teaching about Reconciliation and Indigenous issues, Historica, the Cdn encyclopedia, has resources which may be of interest to you. This resource was developed for mainstream teachers at the middle school level, but it provides modifications for adapting the lessons for English learners. This resource would be easiest to adapt for advanced learners. These resources were co-produced by Indigenous scholars, so that you are getting Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective.

Public Legal Education (PLE) Rights Bites podcasts.  
Created by the Public Legal Education (PLE) Learning Exchange of Ontario, this series of 4 podcasts comes with CLB lesson plans and assessments. The podcasts are 15-20 minutes in length and cover problems many newcomers face, including tenant and workplace issues. This resource is aimed at advanced learners, CLB6 and up. Teachers notes and a rubric are also included.

PLE Tip Sheets
A great resource for teachers, the Public Legal Education Tip Sheets contain the kinds of specific information needed to assist learners trying to navigate the legal system. The goal is to provide reliable legal information websites and access to free or low-cost legal services. The documents can be posted in classrooms ore handed out at workshops.

AWES Language and Skills for Working in the Food Processing Industry online course
From Alberta, this 16 week online course is specifically for newcomers interested in employment in the food industry. There are no language requirements and learners do not have to be Alberta residents to enroll. The course is self-directed and provides instruction on workplace skills, language-specific training, health and safety, and workplace documents. The course is funded by The Alberta Food Processors, provincial government and AWES (Alberta workforce essential skills). 

Can Learn English
Canadian English taught by a teacher named Dana. She has a website, a free e-book, Youtube channel, regular podcast, all suitable for independent practice and online learning, as well as classroom use, plus an Academy (which learners must pay for to access). Can Learn English is aligned with CLB’s and is mainly intended for intermediate & advanced learners.

PBLA Practice Guidelines
Updated from 2019 (formerly emergent practice guidelines), this resource has 5 sections explaining the theory behind PBLA and the guidelines for implementation. The final section contains resources including multilevel modules and a list of training courses.

The Book of Idioms A – Z
Contains a broad range of familiar idioms that are easy to use in the classroom. You’ll find additional free grammar lessons, activities and dictionaries on the website.

The New English Teacher Resource Guide
A highly accessible, designed for beginning teachers. It was developed in 2006 so some resources may feel dated, and it has an American focus, however the guide has good information on managing a multi-level classroom and offers basics in lesson planning.

Spotlight Category
Curriculum and Lesson Planning
Curriculum and Lesson Planning is one of the most popular and frequently visited toolkits in the Directory. We strive to locate resources that are aligned with the Canadian Language Benchmarks and PBLA to make your work easier. You’ll notice that there are also non-CLB resources in the toolkit that have caught our attention because they are pertinent to learner and teacher needs, and are well developed and highly useful. Please take a look - we hope you find what you’re looking for. We are always happy to receive your feedback as well: bestpractices@teslontario.org
Hands On! A Collection of ESL Literacy Activities
This is a 284-page resource for literacy learners. Instructors are welcome to pull from the activities, worksheets, learning strategies and ideas included in the collection. Clear and easy to use. Numeracy is included.

LINC Classroom Activities e-Resources – Algonquin College
Lesson plans and resources are for LINC 1–4 classrooms to encourage participation in online learning opportunities.

English as a Second Language
This website is designed for beginning and intermediate learners (not CLB aligned), with a wide variety of activities for language practice, including podcasts, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The podcasts link to different sites, including Archie comics.

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