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Publisher at Arnoldsche and Contemporary Jewelry Collector
by Toni Greenbaum

Learn more about Stuttgart’s Arnoldsche Art Publishers, one of the preeminent publishers in the field of jewelry, which specializes in spectacular books on the applied arts. The company’s managing director, Dirk Allgaier, describes how the firm came to exist, its criteria for deciding what book proposals to accept, and the steps that go into taking books to press.

Image caption: Arnoldsche Art Publishers’s booth at Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, photo courtesy Arnoldsche Art Publishers
AJF’s award and grant committee chair, Bonnie Levine, recently appeared on the Jewelry Journey podcast, where she told host Sharon Berman all about the upcoming 2020 Art Jewelry Forum Young Artist Award.  Listen to the podcast  to learn more!
The 2020 AJF Young Artist Award Guidelines are now available. 
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This catalog for the 2016 exhibition In/Animate surveyed the previous decade of work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, internationally renowned metalsmith and head of the metal program at SUNY New Paltz. Curated by author Akiko Busch, the exhibition explored a variety of artistic processes using iron, copper, brass, silver, and enameled steel. Mimlitsch-Gray’s domestic artifacts suggest a coalescence of body and thing, conveying the mutability of the animate and inanimate and reflecting the intimacy between people and the objects they use. Over 40 meticulously crafted works contribute to the conversation about how household objects express ideas about presentation, utility, and class.

NYCJW19!! Were you unable to attend? Maybe there was so much to see that you missed parts of it. Or you might wonder what other people found noteworthy. Well, some of our friends sent in their favorite sightings from the event, and we've posted them on our website.

Check out the slideshows here and here .

AJF believes that making information available about jewelry as an art form is an important step in advocating for the field. Our digital library supports the jewelry community by providing online access to jewelry scholarship that would otherwise be impossible to find. 

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