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The full week in July is almost over, and following suite with Market Activity its going to get cold!

This week we cover the 6th Street remodel set for 2024, Some insight into the 6X rate reduction rumor set to occur in 2024. 1st look into the local Stats for November. Zillow's market forecast and Bigger Pockets outlook on the 2024 rental markets.

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Community News &

6th Street gets a new look construction in early 2024

Everyone who's ever been to Austin likely has fond memories and their favorite spots across our famous 6th Street, well A major renovation is on the verge of rewriting some of that unclean association of the middle section with a brighter facade and more features 

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The Fed Will Cut Rates Six Times in 2024 Says Top Firm-What Will This Mean For Housing?

So a top firm spoke out last week, saying that all indicators pointed towards the Fed lowering rates at least six times in 2024. Is this even possible, how trustworthy is this intel, enough to make real moves?

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This Weeks New Listings

Local Market Stats Update

This week, we're diving into the initial insights from November's market we pulled these stats on Dec 6th, and Here are the Highlights for the 5 county MSA!

Units Sold:

1934 down 6% from November 2022

(This number is preliminary and may increase as sales are reported in MLS)


Average Sales Price:

$560,102 down 2.41% from November 2022


Average Days on the Market:

67 days up 21 days from November 2022


Median Sales Price:

$422,825 down 6% from 1 year ago

Keeping a close eye on our stats at the start of each month allows us to track market trends, providing you with the insights needed for informed decisions!

The most important observation for November is that even though we have 11% less sales than last month prices remained realitivley flat and months of inventory fell with 15% fewer new listings

Highlights (Month-Over-Month)

  • Avg Days to Sell slightly increased by 5 days in the MSA from 62 days to 67 and decreased by 1 day in the city from 60 to 59.
  • Median Sold Price stayed about the same in the city of Austin at $575,000 while dropping by 2.8% from $435K to $422K in the MSA.
  • Pending Contracts fell by 7.81% in the MSA and by 7.74% in the city
  • Months of Inventory in the MSA decreased by 16.03% from 4.53 to 3.8, with a slight 3.35% increase in the Metro, from 4.48 to 4.63
  • New listings Decreased by 15.10% in the MSA and 21.32% in the City
1st Look Stats November 2023

Local Area Market Activity

Rental & Housing Forecasts

Zillow's 2024 Housing Market Predictions

Zillow's 2024 Housing Predictions are here while their report suggest a stable market with a moderate 5.4% price growth. They really emphasize affordability and a balanced supply-demand dynamic. Regional variations definitely exist, but overall, the forecast reflects a pretty positive outlook for the real estate landscape as a whole.

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2024 Rental Market Outlook: Is a Shift Coming Next Year?

The rental market came back to Earth this year, with growth decelerating and prices contracting in many markets. This report says we should expect a 4.8% rise in rental prices, driven by increased demand and limited supply. Good news for Investors, but you may want to read what else will happen in 2024?

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