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June 2014
VOL. 5 - ISSUE 1

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Deborah Brown & Associates is an agency providing outstanding photography services to the graphic design and corporate communications communities.
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Hi There!

This month's newsletter doesn't have much to do with tips about how to make your photo shoots go smoothly. 


It's all about how words can set a tone about the role photographers play in your communications projects.


After reading the article, don't forget to scroll down to see Ron Wu's brand new portrait of a graduate from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management (You Hired Us); Jon Love's very animated b&w portraits of comedians at work (Cool Shoots); and Bill Gallery's all-natural, in-office stock photos (Stock? Have a Look).


And for all you photographers out there, keep scrolling down to "In the Know" where you'll find some news about how to publish your own photography book, as well as where to go to see amazing South and Latin American photographers' work. As always, to see where the DB&A photographers will be (Where We Are This Month), keep scrolling down!  




Deborah Brown, MTAV (More Than a Vendor)                     



    Dirty Words to Photographers 

Photographers are asked to sign contracts with clients several times a year before starting a big shoot. Often the agent (yours truly, in this case) is the one who looks things over and decides what terms the photographer can live with and what terms he can't. Then negotiations start, and it all comes to a happy agreement where both sides feel like they got what was most important to them (usually).


But, there are two terms, or actually words, that appear in many contracts that really rub photographers the wrong way. "Vendor" and (interchangeably) "Supplier."


Now this may seem like a little thing. After all, says my client and friend, Susan, that's what photographers are to their clients in a legal sense.


Yes, but...


Think about the word vendor. What comes to mind? The guy who sells odd-looking dental instruments at street fairs? The woman who walks up and down the beach with frozen Snickers?


And what about supplier? I don't know about you, but drug dealer is the first thing that pops into my mind. Or maybe the Army/Navy supply store in your town. Or the guy who sells your brand of socks over the Internet.


At any rate, none of these even comes close to how photographers want to be perceived by a client who has assigned them a shoot.


Think of it this way. Basically, the photographer is selling photos, and that does fall into the dictionary definition of vendor. But the vision and the ideas that are sparked before and during the process of photographing (even when he's following your layout), are what differentiates him from the pretzel peddler.


I know, I know. It's the legal department that draws up those boilerplate vendor/supplier contracts. And there's probably no changing those terms without a lot of push and pull.


But, at the risk of sounding a little prima donna-ish, just know that the photographer considers himself an on-going part of your team, not just a salesman. Here's hoping you do, too.

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hiredyou hired us!
Ron Wu

Chicago-based Ron Wu was asked by Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management to do a portrait of one of their many successful grads the other day. Elaine Russell, the CEO and founder of Heirlume, was the willing subject, and Ron found a great environment at 1871, Chicago's Entrepreneurial Hub for Digital Startups (www.1871.com). Click here to see Elaine in 3 variations.   


coolshotsvideo title
Jon Love


Have you ever tried to photograph stand-up comedians in action? Not so easy. Either they are moving too fast in their antics on stage, or you, as the photographer, get the giggles and lose your focus. Jon Love managed to overcome both these obstacles and got these great shots of some first-time performers at the Roxbury Hotel in Sydney. They make me laugh just looking at them!

stockvideo title
Bill Gallery


You know how hard it is to find an interesting, unique stock photograph of an office situation. New England-based photographer Bill Gallery has a collection of candid office shots which are always so beautifully composed. Whether you need that or industrial, bio-tech, medical, or travel images, have a look here to see all of Bill's unique stock photography.



in the know



Mary Virginia Swanson has just revised and updated her book, Publish Your Photography Book. So all you aspiring as well as experienced photographers should have a look at this. It's an amazing compendium of info you will need to get that book out there on the shelves (or online).


I highly recommend taking a trip to The international Center of Photography to see the two new shows there: Caio Reisewitz (a Brazilian photographer) whose work explores the encroachment of urban areas into the rain forest; and Urbes Mutantes, a group show of photographs from a collection of South and Latin American photographers from 1944-2013. Really stunning photographs!

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         Neal Wilson (based in the UK)                         



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