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Poll shows Americans favor an overhaul of campaign financing
The New York Times

Mike's view: "I'm uneasy about litmus tests but this is an exception.  Let's press our favorite candidates for President to pledge to nominate to the Supreme Court only those who favor repealing Citizens United."
The case for a carbon tax
The New York Times

NYT's Editorial Board comes out strongly for a carbon tax, as my bill proposes for MA.
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Dear Friend,

In concert with activists and advocates, State Rep. Denise Provost and I launched a Disabilities Caucus within the Mass. Legislature.  We held the inaugural meeting in June. 

Rep. Provost and Mike get things started.

Groups representing the disabled don't have the State House clout other minority groups have.  The difficulties posed by each physical, emotional and cognitive challenge seem so distinctive.  But distinctiveness needn't mean fragmentation.  The Caucus will help foster broad awareness.  Which will 
generate  discussion.  Which will, I hope, produce ideas -- on using technology to accommodate work and careers, for instance. 

State House ADA Coordinator Carl Richardson says his door is always open.
The Caucus's kickoff meeting was a hit.  A packed house.  We talked about disability etiquette, including the always-evolving terms that people with disabilities prefer to use to refer to the communities of which they are part.  Attention, etymologists!  M uch to ponder.


John Winske, Executive Director of the Disability Policy Consortium, talks about making public hearings at the State House more accessible.







Sen. Mike Barrett

A beautiful wedding

I was honored to officiate the wedding of my staff member Rosalie Fazio.  Rosalie and her new wife, Elnara, truly made it an evening to remember.  I'm enormously happy that unions like theirs are now recognized in all 50 states.  Above: Elnara reads her vows.  Below: with my staff. © Melissa Koren Photography, 2015

Minuteman hits 40
Marking the 40th anniversary of Minuteman Senior Services in Bedford.  Kudos to its volunteers.  They drive for Meals on Wheels, run healthy living programs, and coordinate money management initiatives.  Here with Joan Butler, Executive Director.  Photo thanks to Frank Sibley of Minuteman's Board. To help out, check out their website
Nice hike in Waltham
Nancy, Juno and I strolled the beautiful Charles River Greenway in Waltham recently, then bought tacos at Guanachapi's, a nice Guatemalan place nearby. 
Three celebrants in Chelmsford on the 4th of July
Photo thanks to Charles Saudarg