To DC Metro BLN Members and Friends:

As you may know, the DC Metro BLN will rebrand this year resulting from the brand change from USBLN to Disability:IN. While this will take some time to rebrand locally, C5 Consulting, LLC which has staffed the local affiliate for eight years will continue to create and distribute the “Disability Business News You Need to Know” newsletter and it will also be posted on the C5 Website.

Effective July 1, The DC Metro BLN website will redirect visitors to the C5 website where we will continue to provide you with information and events. Once rebranded, the former DC Metro BLN Website will be updated and the rebrand announced.

Additionally, we will remove our DC Metro BLN social media temporarily. To stay up on disability inclusion information, visit us on LinkedIn.

For any questions, please contact Katherine McCary or Andrea Hall (Chair).