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Disability Equality Training Series (DETS)
The Youth Legacy Foundation is planning to collaborate with Advocating Change Together if we are able to organize a group of youth who are interested in the following project. Please reply to this email or call 612-293-7008 if you are interested in being involved or supporting this. 

We are looking for a group of self-advocates that would be interested in learning about the basics of self advocacy, including building personal power, connecting to the disability rights movement, and building strong communities. We are expecting that the 12 sessions would be completed  between September 2017 and March 2018.
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Program Spotlight: Kids Included Together

Kids Included Together helps organizations meaningfully include kids with disabilities.  

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Additional Resources

Try to check out our Facebook page, where we share a lot of information and keep up with what's happening in the disability rights movement! For example, a lot of us have been advocating to protect Medicaid, which funds a lot of community-based services and supports. Youth leaders have been on the show Disability Viewpoints, and we shared photos. We have several volunteers who post material that we think you would be interested in. And when you're there, be sure to like us to stay connected. 
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We are an all-volunteer organization and we benefit from support that goes toward projects that empower disabled youth. This year, we are focusing on purchasing some low-cost technology to help expand our reach across the community. We appreciate everything!

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